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First time trip, best thing ever!!!

Okay it all started when I started smoking pot, I have always wondered about shrooms and what the trip was like.

Okay it all started when I started smoking pot, I have always wondered about shrooms and what the trip was like. So I started doing research on Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms that you can find in a cow field, I live in south Georgia so cow fields are plentiful around here. After I did quite a bit of research for about 6 months I started searching for shrooms. I first looked in my horse pasture and found a lot of mushrooms in the manure, but none of them had a veil, or bruised blue so I decided to start looking somewhere else. The next weekend I was staying at my buddy's house on a dirt road. I bought a ounce of weed that friday and was planning on going on a shroom trip. Me and my friend Garett started smoking weed at about 9:00 am and we smoked another bowl every hour after that, after being high all day I decided I wanted to trip on shrooms. So we hopped on the fourwheelers and rode down to a cow pasture, which is conveniently located about a mile down the road in the middle of the woods. It was about 8:00 pm and not much daylight left so we started searching. After about an hour we gathered a wal-mart bag full of shrooms. We took em' back to our hang out shed where we often smoke pot and dumped the bag out on the table. We checked em' all and only had to throw out about 4 bad ones. We got a big ole' peanut boiler pot about 15 gallons and lit up a propane burner. We put water in and dumped in the shrooms, after cutting them into small peices. While the shrooms were boiling, we called over a few of our friends, four in total, who are also potheads and wanting to do some shrooms. All of us, except, Garett have never experienced shrooms before. After about 45 min. of boiling the shrooms we poured the water and shroom pieces through a huge strainer that was on top of a beer keg with the top cut off so the water went through and settled in the keg while the shroom pieces were caught in the strainer. We got 6 glasses and dipped them ine one at a time until all were full. We sat down at our hooka table and chugged the shroom tea. It was the most nastiest things i've ever tasted in my life. We sat down our glasses and packed a big bowl of weed in the hooka and lit the coals. Our hooka is a 6 hose so it worked out perfectly, after tokin' on the weed for a while we were feeling pretty good from it and moved over to the couch. For a while i didnt feel any signs of the shrooms taking effect. We watched Reno 911 for about 45 min. a back to back episode. And we changed it to MTV we were now watching Andy Milonakis and my friend Jeremy started laughing hysterically. I looked at the T.V. and I realized that it was moving from side to side and kind of floating in the air. I watched this for what seemed like hours but it was only about a minute in a half. I asked my friends if they felt the shrooms coming on and they all replied with a high pitched "yes". so we all busted out laughing and kept on laughing until we heard a bullfrog croaking. we became silent and listened to it for a while and decided to go outside and chase it. We were running around close to the creek yelling and laughing and i felt really tall and heavy. so i layed down on the ground, and this is where my trip went on to level 4. I felt a tingling sensation on my arms and looked at them and i seen shrooms popping out of my hands and running up and down my arms i was completely fascinated by the shrooms on my arm and stared at them for a long time. then after about an hour of all of us laying on the ground totally silent looking at wierd shit we decided to get up and go inside Garret's house. We went inside and on the way to his front door was a beer can from the night before, i kicked it and it hit the door and made the coolest sound ever, it was like the sounds were coming from all around me and i kicked it repeatidly to hear the same sound over and over, it was so cool and my friends thought it was too. We went inside and my friend josh stopped at the fridge and started talking to it, i couldnt make out what he was saying but i sensed deep emotion in his voice and then he opened the door and tried to go inside and he was yelling sumthing about milk and oreo's and i laughed my ass of at him. then i pulled him out of the fridge and we went to Garett's attic. where me and josh found the rest of our crew rolling around on the floor and mumbling weird ass shit that i couldnt understand. i turned on the stereo and put in a mix cd and turned it to number 8 which was system of a down- hypnotize. we listened to it with such amazement and it sounded so cool.after listening to music for about an hour we walked around garett's house and i stopped in the bathroom and turned on the sink, the water was coming down and turning into fire in the sink, i freaked out about this and decided to tell my friends which were in the living room, they wouldnt listen to me so i decided to take matters into my own hands i got a pack of hotdogs and threw them in the sink of fire. i wathced the water/ fire for a long ass time and then out of nowhere i regained my soberness. and i was kind of dazed out and felt really tired so i went into the bedroom and fell asleep into a deep peaceful sleep. the next day i felt so good i felt happy and refreshed. i went to the bathroom to take a piss and seen hotdogs in the sink and laughed my ass off. i went into the living room to find my 5 friends on the floor with towles and pillows every were there was toilet paper on the T.V. i just laughed and woke my friends up and we shared our shroom experiences. it was the best experience of my life and i cant wait to do it again. shrooms are amazing things and really show you the inside of your mind and the thoughts in your heart.

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