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First Time Trip

I had just gotten home from work on Saturday.

I had just gotten home from work on Saturday. Today would be my first time trying any drug other than pot... I had bought an eighth of shrooms Friday night. I called my friend, Andrew, who was the only other friend of mine who bought mushrooms. He came over to my house with two other friends, Scott and Shane. We went to a parking lot and ate the shrooms straight, which wasn't pleasant. After cleaning the dirt from our teeth, we decided to head over to Scott's house.

I smoked a cigarrette outside and we waited for the mushrooms to kick in. At exactly 10 minutes over an hour, I began to feel the effects. I found a comfortable seat and sat, staring at a painting of a mountain surrounded by trees. I began to see a man in the mountain, and the painting became somewhat of a Magic Eye. As I observed this effect, Scott gave me his harmonica to play. I took to the instrument quickley, and felt that it was necessary background music, so I played it for quite some time, while Andrew walked around outside and Shane and Scott called our dealer for some weed.

As I sat, playing the harmonica and watching the man in the mountain change to a vampire, I remember thinking how great this feeling was. Realization after realization came to me. I realized that not everything is under my control, and that I have to let others be themselves, be it good or bad (I have obsessive compulsive disorder, which has since been nearly cured by shrooms). I realized that this would be a life changing experience, the effects of which I would not find out until later. And I realized that I wanted that picture because it was so damn cool.
Soon I decided to see what else this trip had to offer, so I looked around the room for something that looked interesting. A mirror resting against a couch soon caught my eye. I picked up the round glass object and to my astonishment, there was someone in the picture. I had a brief conversation with this being, cut short by the need to leave up to the dealer's house and get the bud.

On the drive, Andrew and I stared out the window with feelings of supreme happiness. Scott was playing Oasis in his CD player, at which point I realized that it doesn't matter what other people think... even if people consider Oasis to be poppy Beatles rip-offs (among whom I was one), they are a damn good band. We got to the dealer's house in the neatest neighborhood I've ever seen, with loads of trees and houses almost coming out of the ground. Richard opened the door, and the four of us entered the hobbit hole.

We went downstairs to Richard's room, 100% hippified and the coolest basement I've ever seen. After buying the herb, Scott decided that we should smoke a bowl (out of a kick ass hammer). After a few hits, the weed kicked in. I began to think more than observe, as weed often makes me do, and soon realized that weed really isn't that great of a drug. In fact, as time wore on, this feeling multiplyed to the point where I decided that weed is not even worth it, and I decided to quit it altogether. Then Shane offered me another cigarrette, which I accepted and began to smoke. Half way through, I looked at the putrid smoke stick and realized that tobbacco is a pointless drug, and resolved to quit smoking.

We left Richard's house and decided to go to downtown Denver. The ride was completely ruined by the effects of the weed, and I almost envied Andrew, who had chosen not to smoke. Once we were downtown, the THC began to wear off. We walked around, gazing at the lights and buildings. Andrew and I both bought cameras to take pictures of the sky which looked sweet - it had a purplish tint, caused by the blue light of Qwest's sign atop their headquarters.

After walking around for a few hours, we decided to head back home. At this point the shrooms were wearing off and we all felt ready for bed.

This had been the single greatest experience in my life. To my surprise, I had only reached Level 1, confirmed by this site. Not only did I have a great time, but I would only have better, more powerful trips to come. At that point my fate was sealed. I quit all other drugs and have since become a devotee to shrooms. The lack of motivation that comes hand-in-hand with weed was lost forever, along with lung ailments resulting from inhaling smoke. I have become much more productive in life, and no long look at everything from such a pessamistic perspective. Not only are mushrooms a cure for negativity, they are ten times more fun than any other non-hallucinogenic drug.

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