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first time shroomin

So me and a couple buds of mine decided to do shrooms.

So me and a couple buds of mine decided to do shrooms. We smoke out in my friend A's house everyday and this idea to take shrooms just came to us. So anyways my other friend B got the shrooms for us and we had about 1.5 g for each one of us...shit we didn't know how much to take and we didn't want to have a bad trip so that is what we settled for. So we decided to take them on a Tuesday at around 6:45 7:00 but before we hit up some bud just to get ourselves feeling good. Than we started to eat our shrooms and I can't tell you how excited I was.
So about 30 min pass and we just start to laugh and i tell my friend B and A that i feel weird and they said he did also. That was until i turned my attention back to the recliner i was sitting in and it felt like i was floating or hovering about 2 to 3 feet off the ground. My legs looked endless like i could not find my feet because they were so far down. I wasn't getting any visual effects like i wanted so i went to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror, and for about 20 seconds i was the only clear object in the bathroom with everything else around starting to shake and vibrate...after that i left the bathroom but there were about 10 more people that showed up just to hang out and that tripped me out...all of a sudden i went from having a good time to SCARFACE, i was pissed. I could feel all the blood and energy in my body rushing to my head, i started to talk to myself, and I could not even recognize where I was at certain points. I didn't know what was going on at the house, who are these people? what are they doing here? and i thought everyone was pissed at me so I got pissed...I was so angry I thought i was alone in the universe and the only person that knew what to do was me and i didn't even know what to do
All in all, my friends and I did not take enough to hallucinate like we wanted to but it was still fun and i cant wait to do them again to trip out and post it on here.

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