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first time salvia use -disapointment

i had been wanting to try salvia for a long time now.

i had been wanting to try salvia for a long time now. and the other day me and my friend decided to go to our mall at a headshop and buy some. the bag looked like some on the internet being the strawberry flavored. now i read many reports before doing this and not to many people use 40x.they have said they need no more than 20 and it is remarkable. but i am really into mushrooms and they dont come around much where im from and i just wanted to do something else besides robo. so me and my friend bought a gram of strawberry 40x salvia. and we also had weed too so we went and told our friend to park somewhere for he was just driving us so we didnt have to. so i put the screen into my pipe and dumped a little bit in and took a hit and held it in. i really didnt feel anything after the first time so i waited until the second round so i packed another one after my friend was done and went for my second try. upon doing this i felt like i was coming on to a mushroom trip and felt i had the giggles a little bit. but that wore off very soon. by the end of 15 minutes me and my friend had smoked the whole gram of 40x salvia. so then we packed 3 bowls with a diff. pipe and smoked away. now i had saved one more bowl of the salvia. by this time i was feeling pretty high but a little disappointed with the salvia situation. so then we lit up the last bowl of this stuff i was feeling high but nothing to great. then me and my friend took out our ipods and just listen to techno for about 25 minutes with our eyes closed. i really didnt feel anything more then just dizziness and maybe a little trippy in my vision. but other than that there wasnt any major effects. and i was very disappointed i wasted my money on some 40x to find out nothing happened. is there anything im doing that might alter this unique plant's effects? can anybody give me any tips toward future use? using it with anything ? or just using it alone?

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