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First Time on Shrooms -- Halloween

It was hallowe'en and some people and I were going to do shrooms and kill time doing whatever interested us.

It was hallowe'en and some people and I were going to do shrooms and kill time doing whatever interested us. Being my first time, I only did 1.6g and didn't know what to expect. I went there high after smoking some ganja, and the shrooms seemed to do nothing more for me than increase the weed buzz I was experiencing, but I have since discovered that mushrooms usually take about 45-60 minutes to kick in at a small (1 - 1.5g) dose for me. I left the place where I did them because I thought everyone was leaving, and I suddenly couldn't help but notice how ridiculous my arms looked swaying side to side while I rode my bike. I rode around a bit more, and found that I now had a completely different feeling than I did when I was on weed alone, and I liked it a lot better. I ran into some other people I knew somewhat later on, and they were walking to McDonald's... once I got inside, I found that I couldn't keep a smile off my face, all of the coloured tiles were sort of jumping out at me, and my vision of some people was blurred. When cops rolled up outside to hassle some goofballs for hanging out in the McDonald's parking lot, I got kind of peril because of my (perceived, I'm sure) lack of facial control but didn't really freak out and the cops never came inside, which was somewhat relieving. Later, I found out that the place where I did the shrooms now had people again, and I went back. By this time, I was in the best mood of my life and I had a slightly different perception of the world. Then I started smoking a lot of weed and got pretty greedy with it, and as a result I passed out about 10 min. after I had finished smoking my last doob. I saw a pattern in my eyes that grew in opacity until my vision was really distorted, then my vision seemed to get very distant (ie smaller) until I could no longer see and collapsed. After collapsing about twice more, I was fine but my high was almost completely dead and I didn't eat mushrooms until just before the next hallowe'en. No problems ocurred then, and I've eaten them about six times since with no issues, suggesting that it was a problem with my tolerance for weed rather than a physical problem with the mushrooms. Altogether it was a fun night though, as have most of the nights on mushrooms since.

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