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First time on 2.5 grams

Well, A friend grew some cubensis and gave me 2.

Well, A friend grew some cubensis and gave me 2.5 grams dry for my first time. I'm no stranger to psychadelics, I have done acid a bunch of times. Haven't done anything of the sort in over 2 years however. I had no clue what to expect from shrooms. Surprisingly, it's about the same feeling.

Anyway, it took about an hour to kick in..I hadn't eaten anything in about 2 hours previously. I got that anxious feeling..I could smell and hear "better" (I could REALLY pick up the cigarette smoke in the house, it was grossss). I had that feeling of not knowing what to do with myself for a little bit..My friend's house that I was doing it at had the popcorn ceiling, and it was grand. Lots of random formations.

I didn't get too much of a chance to really sit around and listen to music or anything, but what I did do was play Midnight Club 2 on the PS2, (real cool game) and I was pretty into that.

I'd say the hi' lasted for about 3 hours...Then you have that residual feeling afterwards for at least 9 hours after ingestion.

Next time I'll definately go for 3.5 grams. I can't really recommend anyone take that much their first time as you don't know how potent the shrooms are. These were cubensis, I imagine Azures are a little more intense.

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