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First time love

well i have to say that i have been a little spectical about the hole shroom thing.

well i have to say that i have been a little spectical about the hole shroom thing.. My boy hooked up 0.75 gm so i ate them about 10pm.. I thought nothing was going to happen so i started to watch the Osborns.. About 30 mins and nothing but a stomach ace. So i said man i am starting to feel a little weird.. I started to feel like if had blazed a doobie. so i said what the hell and blazed on.. i am always one to finnish my blunts but i was so high that i tuned it off half way.. After about 11:15 pm shit started getting really weird.. I mean everything just seemed weird even thou i was just in my apt.
my started to ask me if i was ok because i started looking at the tv like in a daze.. i wasnt even lookin at the tv but the COLORS!! WOW..
I said what the hell let me get online. my monitor looked really blury and i tried to keep the party going.. About 12 i started feeling like a rollin type of feeling.. Nice UFORIA!!
I knew i had to work the other day so i said what the hell let me just goto sleep.. NO WAY.. I couldnt fall asleep and everytime i closed my eyes blakc little patterns happend.. So i said let me take a zannie to fall asleep. Big mistake.. I think it kicked it in harder..
In conclusion i fell asleep at 4:30 am.. i could not beleive the ride i took with just 0.75 gms.. I will for sure be takin 2 gms next time.. for sure..

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