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First time I realizd

When I bought the eigth I thought I was being ripped off.

When I bought the eigth I thought I was being ripped off. I split it with my friend and I had to wait for him to come over to trip. I got tired of waiting and just ate the shrooms. It seemed that two hours had passed and nothing was happening. I made up my mind that the shrooms were fake. I felt like an idiot for actually trusting my friends older brother to sell us shrooms. This was my first time and I expected the effect to happen as fast as smoking bud. I walked in to the bathroom wondering why I was smiling, then I looked in the mirror and I saw how hilarious my face was and I looked into my eyes then I realized I was hypnotizing myself. When I left the bathroom I then thought, am I tripping? I went to my room and started watching TV then my little brother walks in. I thought uh oh hes gonna realize im tripping. I told him to get out of my room but he replied with one of his little smart ass answers like usual. I realized how funny it was that everything he did was learned by me. Everything he said was a port of me, then I felt like I was in a movie and he was my annoying little brother that I always fight with. I think I actually called him Beaver. (leave it to beaver). I had a pillow fight with him and realized Iwas having the time of my life pounding his head with a pillow. I thought why dont I have pillow fights more often, all the material needed for a pillow fight is right there and I never challenge him to one! This might sound like a pretty weak trip but if you saw how much we actually hate each other and how I cant talk to him without yelling at him and calling him an annoying little sack of shit youd see how the shrooms had me and him actually playing around like we use to before the world crushed our spirits.

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