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First time fun

well it was a saturday and i was at my friends house and we were looking for a hook up for just some dank sadly no one we knew was home!

well it was a saturday and i was at my friends house and we were looking for a hook up for just some dank sadly no one we knew was home! but then a friend of ours out of the blue signed on to AIM and we talked to him and i thought this was some kind of sign cuz we hadnt talked to him in months and we asked if he could get some bud then he said he could get some shrooms and we happily bought some dank and shrooms. we waited till night time in my friends room and we ate them(2 grams each), contrary to some ppl they tasted not bad at all. i felt the effects much sooner than my friend and i started to stare at his ceiling and i saw all kinds of vines and flowers like a pattern in the paint it was cool. then i just had the feeling of being very stoned and stuck to my friends couch, we hadnt smoked ne thing yet. then suddenly the visuals came in, everything just looked really awesome and i wanted to touch them lol. its like this for a half hour or so then it hits me. whole body is numb and i look at my feet and they are huge and i felt like a hobbit. then my friend turns the lights off and we smoke 2 bowls. at the point my friend( who i should mention is an EXTREME light weight NE thing messes him up ) started to talk to a carrot and a cucumber that were brothers and yelled at me to not sit down or id crush the cucumber. so i sat down ne way and he didnt seem to care, odd i know. this is when i really started to trip. i rested my feet ona chair higher up than his couch and i looked at them and my toes were stretching out like 3 inches kinda like liquid, and my hand would melt into ne thing i touched. i started to stare at an opening in his closet and a shadow came out of it onto the wall and had a sphere in its stomach which started to talk to me but i didnt understand what it said. this may seem dumb but we spent the night looking at random things on the internet, but everything we watched had a deeper meaning to it and i could understand everything very clearly, me and my friend were talking and saying that the whole world is on the net. i continued to sit and stare at things which would just give me a weird feeling and i had tunnel vision and i could only see that one thing. time flew by it went from 11pm to 4am before i knew it and i started to come down a little me and my friend were just relaxing to music at this point and at 5am we decided to sleep. this is the only bad part in my trip. i was falling asleep quite nicely but my friend couldnt stop moving or talking he said the world was an ugly place and he hated rich people cuz they do nothing and get everything and he wanted me to kill him, this kind of scared me but i would never do ne thing like that to him. he just repeated these things for about an hour and at this point i wanted to sleep so incredibly bad i told him that he wont even remember this when he wakes up now go to sleep and he did. then i did and it was an all round great trip it made me very spiritual. id do it again ne time.

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