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First Time

Alright ya I dont know either which level but blah.

Alright ya I dont know either which level but blah.
okay so ya lastnight was my first time ever taking 1 gram .5 and woah was it nuts at first me and my friends went for a walk and like it felt like I was walking in a painting and everything seemed really small and then it went back to big. and I went to go sit on a picknick table and I looked at the ground and it seemed to be morphing into strange things like the ground was moving and there were colors and like it was hard to explane. and the rocks seemed to look like holes in the ground and they were moving to and getting bigger and smaller. and then I looked in the sky and the clowds were moving awkwardly and it also looked painted on. then I looked at my friends and people and there faces seemed to be cut in half or well NOT in place and I REALLY didnt like people around me(got paranoid) then we walked back and like it seemed like knees were fable or my legs anyways cause I really had trouble walking and I was going all over the place. Also like everything made me laugh like it was not stop histerical laughing and it was insane. Then I went back to my friends house and just sat there and looked at everything it seemed like the room was going back and forth and it seemed to be like getting closer then further. then my friends left me alone and it was super quiet and there was a cat next to me and it was really strange and it seemed like I had tooken over the world cause it was so quiet and stuff I was like woah it seems like noone is here but me and this cat. Then they came back and it was like a totally different inviromeent and the time just seemed to go REALLY slow aswell and it seemed like it would never end. and when people came over I really wanted them to go away cause I felt clostophobic(however u spell it) and like I was going crazy. Than people left and I was just with 2 of my friends so I decided to draw and it was really fucked up fun too. but then I started thinking like why am I here? and like theres no reason I should be here and I got all confused and really depressed and started to cry. but I just laughed again but cryed. and also I remember when I shut my eyes I saw paterns. Also I felt SUPER old and SKINNY and my hands were really wrinkly like I was old and they just looked weird and I really didnt like looking at myself either. and when I went home I remember looking at myself in the mirror and like everything was moving in the background and my face was fucked and I looked blue and b4 that when I was outside some things looked green. hm what else. ya and ya thats about all SORRY for writing alot its just fun to write about Enjoy CYA

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