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It was during the Summer in 1999, It was only me and my friend Matt, there were others there to but they were all drunk. It was friend Sam's b-day so we were throwing a field party. Let's back track a little, it all started at 12:00 am, I had originaly planned on getting drunk but my dealer called and said he could get me some mush if I wanted it, of course I said YES!! So I bought 3.5 grams for me and my friend bought bought 2. We were so exited neither of us have dome mush befor and we couldn't wait, we had no idea what to expect. We wanted to save the mush for the party that was later that night and it was hard, but luckily we had weed to hold us over until then. Finally the party rolled around and we took our mush and washed it down with a bit of beer. We were waiting for the effects to kick in and our other friends were getting drunk so we decided while we wait we should smoke some weed and we did. After about 35 min. we both admitted to feeling something, and at the 45 min. mark I was FUCKED UP!! Colours were so hightened and I couldn't speak a simple sentence w/o messing it up bad. It was so amazing, because it was dark out and the sky was full of bright stars that swirled and if they weren't swirling I could see them in great deatail like they were right there, right infront of me, it was amazing. After the party we all went our seperate ways but I was staying at Matt's house so on our way back to his house he wouldn't shut the fuck up, every two seconds "what time is it","what time is it" finally I said hold on I'll find out, so to mess with him I went up to a tree and said "what time is it" and it fucking answered. It said that it was 11:30 this freaked me out I tried asking it more to find out it's true wisdom(It seemed important at the time) but anyway, by time we got to his house 10-15 mins, it was 11:45.

Since that trip I have done shrooms every chance that a could. And now i grow them so I will alway have access to that funky fungus. Becuse maybe, just maybe I can find the wise tree again and answer me all my questions. It will be funny!

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