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first time

My first trip was at a time in my life when I was allready really happy.

My first trip was at a time in my life when I was allready really happy.(which I hear has a great affect on ones trip) My hubby is in the military and I had been living out of the country for about 6 months with no friends or family around. A little lonely at times but he's my best friend so its like having a pajama party every night hes home. He was going out to train for a month and my birthday was coming up so he paid for me to fly home and gave me about a grand worth of spending money for the few weeks I would be home. Now how cool is that. seeing as I was going to be staying with my kick ass mom and my cool as hell little brother (who is like the social king). I had no worries at the time and life was freaking grand.

So although I had been trying to stay away from the drug scene, shrooms were something I allways wanted to try and was excited to do. some friends of my brother and I lived in the same apt complex and told us they had some. They were just a really cool, layed back couple. So we went down there. My bro didnt want to trip but was smoking some weed, which was cool with me. The guy came out of his kitchen and handed me what looked like a chocolate ice cube. Kick ass! Ive never had chocolate drugs before! He tells me the shrooms are crunched up in it with morning glory seeds and I think gensing... (not sure, but some other herb). So I eat the thing and drink some coke. Im pretty happy but not really feeling anything till about 30 min later. (my friends have taken about twice the amount I have). So Im just sitting there and all of the sudden I start feling really really happy. Not an abnormal happy either like with chemical drugs like eX. This was a very natural "high". And I had no body changes really. Nothing abnormal. A bit of relaxation but no anxiety or cold chills, as I sometimes get when I smoke weed. I felt totally relaxed. I had a smile across my face and I just remember being so happy to be alive. The visuals were not intese but cool as hell for a first timer. Everything seemed so much brighter and prettier. Everything was up in my face and 3D. My whole perception of the world started changing. The coolest thing was when I went to the bathroom and their swiming dolphin shower curtain was smiling back at me and the dolphins were all 3D and jumping in the waves. I was so happy. The dolphins were my friends :). I at one point wished I had taken more because I kind of wanted to talk to the dolphins. I felt very at one with my suroundings. When I came back in the living room they were using the PS1 to make weird psycholedic images to music. It was awesome. I sat and watched that for forever it seemed. I talked with my friends and everyone was happy and smiling and laughing a little bit.

After a while, I guess it was about 2am (we had taken them at 11pm) my friends needed there rest for work the next day... so my brother and I left. I was wide awake. My brother was cool and just happy that I was feeling good. He kept making me laugh... something he does anyways. So I decided to get in the car and go a few miles down the road to a friends house, where they were drinking and playing poker. One of the guys at the house had Easter candy and I was in Heaven. He let me eat all the colored marshmellows I wanted. By this time, most of the visuals had died off... but everything was still very bright and I was still happy. I sat and talked about how beautiful the world was and told all the drunk poker players how wonderful they were and how happy I was to be friends with them. They just laughed at me and told me to keep looking at the pretty colors =D. Which I was happy to do. A bit later after I had interupted there game long enough, my brother an I went home and I went to sleep.

The coolest thing about the whole trip was 2 main things. No 1) Im usually not a very social person and tend to be paranoid and shy. but the shrooms let me be me and took away all my anxiety. I felt so free and full of life. I felt like God had a purpose for me and I felt like I could do so much with my life and not to let it just pass on by.
and No 2) The next day I woke up more refreshed than ever. I had no worries. It was sunny and I felt the same way I did when I was 6 on saturday morning.. with nothing to do but play outside all day. I stretched and took a deep breath and a huge smile came over my face. I felt no guilt for the night before (as I usually do with other drugs, even alchohol). I felt as if I had done something spiritual. When I got in my car the next day... the leaves on the trees were greener, the sky was blue, and I noticed things I never have before. I was a nicer and more confident person and I was as happy with my life as anyone could be. I was a different person. I had a whole new perspective on life.

Now if only I could convince congress and my anti-drug husband about all the benifits to shrooms.

Overall, If I had to sum up the whole trip into one word... I would say Enlightenment.

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