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Fine Winter Night

My friends and I were just hangin out at George's house.

My friends and I were just hangin out at George's house. I live in upstate NY and it being winter it was damn cold out. We were just sittin around. We had taken a few bong rips about half an hour ago and were still pretty blazed pondering what to do with the night. As we took 5 life turns playing Half-Life, Counter Strike another friend, Brian came over. He was very excited and as he came into the computer room he announced "who wants to trip!" Only two of my friends there had tripped before, and it was only once on half an eigth. The other four of us did not take much convincing to get us to try them. We pooled our money and were able to scrape together enough for about 5 eights. Brian left to get them and we all waited patiently as storys were told about the previous trip by the two who had before.

Brian returned just about 45 minutes later in his civic. There was a great energy goin around as we portoned out the servings. We each had about .6 grams short of an eigth. These were taken down very quickly and we went up to wait for the effects and listen to some Pink Floyd. Sure enough about 25 minutes later everyone started to feel the effects. Slowly at first but they were coming. We decided to adventure and smoke another bowl to welcome the shroomys. Everyone put on there jackets and we headed out. We sat on his porch and smoked, then decided to head to Dunken Donuts for a snack. We were about half way down the block when George suddenly turned around and ran back to his house. A few minutes later he emerged with a notebook and pen, then ran to catch up. His only words as he passed us was "A log of our adventures tonight boys." Everyone began to laugh as we walked with him.

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