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Feelin the music

I had been wanting to try shrooms for the longest time, but i was always kind of worried i would trip bad.

I had been wanting to try shrooms for the longest time, but i was always kind of worried i would trip bad. So one day i just said fuck it. whats the worst that could happen if i dont like it i dont have to do it again, and if i do than score for me. My freind sold me six grams two grams each for me my brother rob and my girlfreind suzanne. We decided we were gonna do them on saturday because nobody had to work. We dosed at about 7:30 and i knew there was no turning back I was really excited and nervous at the same time. About 45 minutes into it rob started laughing for no reason and just him laughing had me laughing hysterialy I asked suzanne if she was feeling it and she smiled and said oh im trippin balls as she was watching tv in such amazment. in the beginning it wasnt like i thought it would be everything was funny to me but didnt see much visuals. We decided to go for a walk through the park and the trees looked so amazing to me they didnt look much different than normal but i was so amazed with them. We walked to a main street downtown and than the visuals started the traffic lights were so bright and kind of trailing I just kept saying wow with a big smile on my face. we got to the corner 711 and it was just so overwelmingly bright i just said WOW!!!laughing out loud. Once we started walking home my mood started to change My brother had his mp3player and said here listen to this, music sounds so great. I scrolled down and found this acoustic guitar song no vocals just guitar and it was like that sadest thing i ever heard I felt the sadness of the music and it was really trippin me out tears started to come out and they asked whats wrong I said i dont know but i cant stop this sad feeling inside me, it just wont go away I changed to a different song and it was another instrumental song it was black metal that i like alot and it just scarred the shit out of me I felt the spookiness of the song and it was freakin me out. At that point i already had that feeling of unease, and i wasnt enjoying it so much. We went upstairs and i just got really paranoid, so i went back outside. Suzanne and rob followed me but forgot our gate key so were locked out. So than i really started trippin, I just couldnt convince my self that we would get back in. Finally one of our neighbors let us in, I went back to my apartment and layed in bed. I started to calm down as we all hung out in the bedroom. My tripp got really cool, I just looked at everything so different i understood things more clearly. The visuals were great, my hands looked really big and my girlfriend and i were laughing so hard at it. She was stroking her fingers across my chest and it looked like it was going into my body, it was pretty fuckin cool We all stayed up talking and laughing at our fat cat and looking out the window at the city. It seemed like hours that i was trippin bad but really it was like 30 minutes. we tripped for about 5 hours and 4 and a half of those was the coolest thing i ever expirienced in my life.

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