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fantastic night

What follows is my account of my first time using time using psilocybin mushrooms, but first i would like to tell a little about myself.

What follows is my account of my first time using time using psilocybin mushrooms, but first i would like to tell a little about myself. I'm a quite a laid back kinda guy. I was even before i started smoking marijuana (which was only a couple of months ago). Aside from being laid back, i also like to be preparied. So before my initial phychodelic experiance, i had to look up the mental, physical and spirital aspects of using an illicit drug (from my experiance with pot, the illegalities didn't affect whether i would try it or not). Everything seemed very posotive. All i could find as for harmfull effects as listed by anit-drug campaigns was, well, trite. So, i decided to give this interesting, and widely used substance a try. i was told to be sure i was in a good mood, or else i might risk having a bad trip.

I was feeling quite good. It was about 7PM when me, a friend(R), and his friend(J) each ingested a quarter. i had read they tasted nasty, but the taste was not so bad. a little strong, but nothing a little blue juice coudn't wash away. we sat around my friends appartment, and watched a movie (i beleive it was friday the 13th) and waited for the coming up. i think it took about an hour, it really seemed like a long time. when it started, i was getting pretty giddy. I kinda felt like i would if i had a couple beers. still looking at the tv, i didn't notice anything in the way of visual distortions (although thinking back i can remember the tv glaring a bit). From what i had read, i was really expecting to hallucinate. The movie seemed to go on forever, and i wasn't really interested, so i started staring at random things in the rooms. thats when i noticed it. most particularily with a lamp. the shadow seemed to grow closer and farther across the wall. Not drastically, and only happened when i was staring. Furniture seemed to move around a bit, and that was pretty cool.

I had a desire to go outside. J wanted to stay and watch a movie, but R and i wanted to smoke a joint. So, after a long long time disscussing (did i mention everything seemed to take forever?) we desided to take off, and J could watch clerks (great movie. Didn't know J hadn't seen it before that night). So, we where off. After wrestling with the idea of wearing my big sunglasses to cover up my rediculously large pupils, i decided against it (it was getting dark). we took a walk around a downtown universtiy campus, and ended up sitting on a bench in a little park-ish type place. This is where we sat and watched a bug for a while. I wondered how i would have thought of myself if i had walked by me sitting on that bench when i was who i was 2 years ago (if you get what i'm saying [i used to be that complacent anti-drug kinda person]) my friend brought up how no one could ever be bored. There was so much you could do, even if it was sitting on a park bench watching a bug (which looked like a black dot to me). there was an entertaining trip (haha. no pun intended) to subway for a marijuana munchie induced supper. Colours were brighter, and i found that i was ten times more euphoric then when i was on pot, and over all i had a fantastic night. Thanx to you, Mr. Magic Mushroom.

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