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Eyes of A Child

I don't know the amount I took in grams.

I don't know the amount I took in grams... but it was half an eighth. It's always half an eighth. I'm a small girl so I don't really need a lot. I'm not real good with measurements.

Anyway, it was me and 4 of my close friends. We ate the shrooms with peanut butter and sat and waited. I didn't think they would affect me because I had it in my mind that no way a handful of poisoned mushrooms could do anything to me. But when I flicked my cigarette and saw the "trails", I knew I was wrong. The trees around me were huge people holding cups of beer. I looked at my hand and watched it melt. I was loving the world. The colors are so much brighter, the sounds are so much louder, buildings and trees become so dominant against the purple sky. We sat in a room for hours listening to music ranging from Pink Floyd to Soul Coughing, to Pearl Jam. Then we decided to go out because we wanted to smoke a bowl.

We went to the railroad tracks. Two of my friends went one way and so the three of us sat on steps by a soccer field and smoked our brains out. Be sure to shroom in the rain... everytime I've tripped on acid or shroomed, it was raining, or at least we thought it was. It feels so incredible when the rain touches your bare skin. And everything looks so alive. We stood on an overpass and watched the cars fly by... car lights are fun. I looked up at the sky and saw this big light in the sky and asked my friend what it was. It was right above a building in the city. We stared at it for what seemed like an eternity and couldn't figure it out. The next day I called my friend when I realized it was the moon! We were so fucked up we didn't recognize the moon.

We walked down the tracks and then I bugged out for a while. There were bushes along the walls which I thought were giant beasts of some kind. There was a lot of growling and I almost started crying. My friends helped me through it telling me that it's nature and that we should love nature. So I calmed down and we walked down a path, down to the creek. We sat on rocks and smoked another bowl and talked. It's so nice to talk when your on any kind of mind-altering drug. It's much easier to say what you feel and you find out a lot about people. The people I've tripped with will be my friends for life.

Well, we philosophized for a little and then decided to go back up to the tracks and walk back to campus. When we got to the top, we climbed a guard rail and looked down, we had just scaled the hill... instead of walking up the path, we went straight up the face of the cliff. Not too safe, but we were amazed at our feat, we had no clue while we were climing it. Then, we walked back to our room. On the way back, we enjoyed the moving pavement and growing grass. We looked at statues and they were real people, looking back at us.

I've heard that mirrors are frightening, but I couldn't help but look at it. My face grew thinner and thinner until it was almost just bones. This flipped me out, so I looked away and looked back, then I started seeing my sister's face instead of my own. Scary. Then when I looked again, I had no reflection. So, eventually, I walked away from the mirror. We looked at the trippy posters and books like Escher and Doli in my room and the tapestry on the ceiling, which was breathing. The rug was doing all kinds of whacked-out stuff, swirling around and shit. I also go through a phase where I don't know if I'll ever be normal again and I don't know what normal is. This usually lasts about 10 minutes, and then I'm cool. We came down pretty much, and I just laid down and enjoyed the kick-ass visuals. So, my other friends came back and told us that they had found an abandoned zoo with empty cages. We thought our trip was better, but that was our opinion.

This may not have sounded like an amazing trip, but it was. All my trips have been amazing. I guess it's the togetherness with my friends. It's scary to think that drugs bring us together, but they do. I think that everyone should try shrooms or acid, just once at least. You just see the world so much differently from then on. I think we see the world as we're supposed to see it when we use hallucinogenics. It's fun to see the world through the eyes of a child... everything so new and exciting. Nothing else matters but what you're doing right then. We go through a phase when we're young where we think we're the center of the universe. That's what drugs do... make us the center of the universe. I don't think of it as "escaping reality," it's more like finding out what reality is all about. It's fun to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective once in a while. If you haven't shroomed before, make sure you do it with close friends, or people you can trust, preferably open-minded people. It makes the experience all the better. Everyone have a great time and be safe. To good trips with good friends.

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