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I have been recently looking over and researching psycadelic and other hilucinagenic drugs.

I have been recently looking over and researching psycadelic and other hilucinagenic drugs... i have been smoking heavy amounts of pot in the last 2 months and have been lookin for something a lil more intense. ( marijuana is a gateway drug no matter what anyone says ) so i looked up acid... looked a lil dangerous and too intense, looked at DXM, aslo looks kind of dangerous, looked at mushrooms... i knew it was the one to do. so i had been asking my freind to sell them to me for a while cuz he goes picking in the local cow fields. untill one day he got several mushrooms but they were only enough for " one person to trip off of " so i payed 40 bucks and some weed for them . they were fresh cubensis by the way probably about 15 grams or so... so i took them home and waited about an hour when my parents werent home... no one was there... but i felt most comfertable. so after about an hour i decided to take it light and eat half the shrooms ( mistake ) and after about 30 mins didnt feel anything so i ate the rest and sat back and waited... about an hour into it i started to feel a lil wierd... but not really... i looked at the walls and at one point they seemed to move like waves but that lasted only a second or 2 and when i would look at my celing one half would be tinted green and one half would be tinted red... nothing really noticable... colors didnt stand out... i looked at my walls those seemd to stand out a lil more then usual but those effects were very brief so i decided fuck i got ripped off this fuckin sux. the effects ended... all of a sudden i got really hyper and i havent gone crazy with hyperness in years when i was liek 10 and im 14 now but i was running around the house and screaming stupid shit... i didnt feel fucked up or experiance any effects that i read about but really realyl hyper... then some freinds came over and we got really high and i went to sleep this was all last night... and dont be afraid to take too many start with a good dose dont waste it on a light dose cuz thats the way i was and it sucked.

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