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The day I did shrooms was the day I realized myself.

The day I did shrooms was the day I realized myself. It was the most intense/ best experience of my life. Until I do it again I assume.

I have never been so happy, i was in complete bliss, life was great. I was taking it for what its worth. I realized whats important in life. I realized how to be happy. And at the time 17, thats a lot to accomplish. Some people will live till they are 85 and never realized their true self.

I figured out the secret to life. I really did. I knew it all. And at the time I thought I could be like that forever. I thought I could control my happiness. Its when im off shrooms I am faced with reality. NOTHING is better than shrooming. Nothining!

I am a completely better, well educated, better understood person. I understand people, I understand myself. I understand I have a purpose in this world.

Shrooms and Marijuana are the two best god made plants in the world. It's an conspirousy the gov't tries to bring about. Telling people they are bad, and should be illegal. There are no GOOD reasons....none!

Mushrooms brings you to a state of self-actualization, enlightment, and it helps you realize the purpose of living, of life.

EVERYONE should try it once, and if you do i'm sure you'll try it again :)

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