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The VooV Expiriance

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Hello everyone, Im an 18 years old, and Im from Israel.
Yestarday (29/7/02) I returned from journy I had in Amsterdam and Germany.
This journy was a pre-army journy, so ofcourse when you visit Amsterdam and VooV (for you who dont know VooV is an open air psychedelic trance festival in germany), you do alot of things you are not used to, but I couldnt wait for my first trip, I was waiting for this a long long time, its in my nature ;).

Although I tried Mexicana my first time at Voondel park in Amsterdam, wich was great, I decided to report my second trip, at VooV, Putliz, Germany. ;)

We arrived at VooV a day before it started, something that was really apriciated by the guys who showed up with us.
Before I got there I supplied myself with 3 grams of mexicana,weed and salvia divindrum (wich i didnt use ;).

Anyway, by the next day, 2 hours before the festival was due to start I made myself a nice mushroom sandwich with neutela and ate it, about 20 mins after the feeding I found myself in a very weaklike possition, I wasnt able 2 stand, and felt really tired, ofcourse there were other sensations as confusen and dissoriantation (sorry for my grammer), eventually I decide 2 go and try chill out in the car wich was connected 2 the tent while my freinds were dropping bongs of hash in the tent.
The idea of being alone in a car while tripping became a very very bad idea, no iteraction with no1 whatsoever made my brain work full time.
In that moment, about 40 mins after I ate the mushrooms I cant say I saw anything special, but I did decide 2 take a look on my eyes, just 2 be sure if somthing was happenning.

My eyes were huge, I have never seen anything like it, only black. The sight freaked me out, so although I didnt look at it much, I remmember seing my eyes (the black part) as if it was floating in the middle of the white part, like...moving around in a pool of white fluid, as I said it freaked me out, and from that moment after I saw my eyes the trip started, my psychedelic pance started breathing and moving, I wasnt able 2 focus on anything, Im not even sure where I was sitting inside the car, my thoughts went crazy, I was thiking on everything in the same time.
Altough I was really confused, I was still able 2 realize what I was doing and why I am like this, so I tried and stop the bad feeling and go on into a better mood by listenning 2 Hallucinogen - Mi Loony Um, wich suppose 2 be uplifting and happy, I closed my eyes = BAD, colors and shapes in incredible veraity exploded inside my brain like nothing Iv seen before, something that tottaly massed up my plans 2 relax before the festival starts.

From that point it was all mixed up, the attempt 2 relax, my thoughts running like rabbits on E, and the oncstant changing of tracks in my MD.
I do remmember the norweigen guys who kept walking past the car, looking at me or not looking at me, but with weird faces wich werent so clear.

In some point a freind of mine came 2 see how I was doing, he knoked on the window and did a kinda happy-whatsup-itsallgood face, probbly in order 2 calm me down, what he didnt know is that for me it looked like his face features looked like a dragon..that scared me, really bad.

Eventurally I decided it cant go on like this, so I stepped out of the car, and the amazing sights of green trees and grass relaxed me abit, I walked 2 the car back side 2 grab smth 2 eat or drink, when i opened the trunk one of the norweigen nice dudes came 2 me 2 ask me how am I doing, the chat we had relaxed me, cuz his voice was really cute and he himself had a very happy face, I was telling him how screwed up I was from the mushrooms I ate, and he told me he was just going 2 eat some also, and he couldnt wait, that made me realy realxed, and happy even, and it all flipped on a better side in 2 secs.

We all decided 2 go 2 the main stage, where the producers built an AMAZING, AMAZING scenery for trippers and a psychedelic festival, lazers and shit, in conclustion ALOT OF BRAIN CANDY! ;)

From that moment I remmeber things only in parts, although I wasnt tripping hard I was really confused and massed up for a 2nd timer (I ate about 2.5-3 grams), I was walking between the tent and festival endless times, and the distance was HUGE, I couldnt care less, didnt care where I was going and how long it took me, for me every talk I had with some1 or anything I saw became a kewl advanture.
One time when I got 2 the car 2 check if there are any massges in my cell ( I had problems with my flight ticket) one of my freind, tripping on acid came looking for a gum, he just HAD 2 have a gum, at one moment he started munching on the godmn gear stick, something that made him freak out, and he ran out of the car.

Something else I saw, wich was realllly kewl was next the main stage where some people were sitting down.
The producers placed a smoke machine at a high place, and one time when the smoke came out, it was going towards me, building up into this huge face with sharp nails, i wasnt sure if it was a dragon or smth else, but it was wicked.

Eventually the small hallucinations ended in a deep sleep, and the next mornning I was in the car, sleeping calmly, of what was a great funny scary and a good expiriance;)

Have a good time, all the time!!

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