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Did I Take Enough?

So a friend and I wanted to take shrooms because we have done the bud thing for about a year.

So a friend and I wanted to take shrooms because we have done the bud thing for about a year.This was going to be our first time. So we called up a friend of ours to buy some for us. She said they were chocolate covered shrooms so they wouldnt taste bad. The thing was that when we got them there was two pieces about the size of a 25cent quarter. That didnt seem like a lot to me. But we took them anyway. So we heard about this place were some friends were having a fire in the woods so we decided to go there in case we started to flip or anything and had some people to calm us down. Well we took them and I only felt like I had smoked about 4bowls of weed. I mean i was high but I didnt really trip out. I was just in that relaxed state you get in when you smoke weed. Music sounded better like it would on weed. My friend who took them with me said that when a gust of wind came it felt like someone punched him in the face.(but I dont know if he is full of shit or not) I didnt have anything like that. So I dont know if we took too little or we just got royally screwed cuz we payed $40 for those. I feel like a dumbass for payin that much cuz i didnt really feel anything. I also didnt eat anything before we ate those either. I was in a good excited mood before we took them too. I have a cold right now but I dont know if that would do anything. Was I suppose to trip more or what? I guess i just need some first timers help. If you could just help me out a little that would be great...thanks.

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