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Devil Shadow


Okay. Oddly enough I bought 4 grams from my sister. If you knew anything about my family you would understand that this is a very strange occurence. Me and my best friend Sheena were going to split them. We had to do it at my other friends house named Mark. When I got there I felt bad so I decided to go ahead and let us split it three ways. Another friend named Lindsey was there so she had a pinch out of all of our three piles. So I couldn't have gotten much more than 1 gram. ~Not much it would seem~ Anywayz... we ate them. That was some nasty shit. We sat there and watched 'You Got Served' for awhile and then went to the park. After about thirty minutes we got back and smoked some pot in his backyard shed. We left the door open. I don't know if smoking weed is good or bad with Shrooms, but eh. After awhile I noticed a shadow under one of Marks windows on the house. This shadow was oddly shaped like a person. The more I thought about it, and looked at it, I got this weird feeling that the shadow was getting closer, and that it was going to kill me. Now I was fully aware that it was just my head, so I wasn't spazzing out, but it freaked me out so bad I got the chills. It was a very creepy feeling. Other than the little Devil Shadow and a nice relaxed feeling which I think was just the weed, nothing really happened that stuck in my memory. This was a good month or two ago mind you. I recently bought 4 more grams with every intention of taking atleast most of them by myself.

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