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Cyanescens Wierd Let-Down

I had been looking forward to doing shrooms for a long time.

I had been looking forward to doing shrooms for a long time. My friend gave me

What he said was a 16th for free. Apparently they were Cyanescens and they

were dried. Anyway, I took them with 500 mg of vitamin C and some grape-fruit

Juice. Before I came up I called my dealer and made arrangements to get some

Marijuana in a couple of hours. I went to the girls basketball game at my

school about ten minutes later with a couple friends, M and E.

I wasn't coming up yet but I felt really

excited just b/c of the novelty and all. I got in to the game easily and

wasn't too worried about all of the people even though people had said that

crowds bothered them on shrooms. I was definitely feeling something weird.

This feeling intensified until I was full of this almost nervous energy.

I couldn't tell whether I was really angry or really sexually aroused. All I

knew was that I wanted to do something really cool. Anyway, there was this

asshole sitting behind me yelling shit at the other team and it was bugging the

hell out of me and these freshman sitting near us were stamping their feet and

clapping and shit and just being freshman. This noise and stuff was really

pissing me off so I told them to stop, amazingly, they did. I didn't know I

was that intimidating, but people told me afterwards that I really looked like

I was on something, so maybe thats why... This girl I like who was playing in

the game got smacked in the face by someone on the other team and that kind of

pissed me off. My friend, E tapped me on the shoulder to make sure I was okay

and I whipped around like I was expecting to be attacked.

Basically I was feeling

confused and uncomfortable in the game so we decided to leave.

My friends and I went to my car. The moment I got in

I started tweaking out. I was yelling at E (who was driving) to get

going. I was swearing at both of them and generally being a dick. We drove

south to smoke and I realized I had forgot my lighter at home. We went to this

convenience store to buy a new one. Me and M went inside while E waited.

There was this dude behind the counter and there was this really shitty disco

music playing. I tried really hard not to look like I was on anything, but

while this dude was ringing us up I noticed he was dancing. I couldn't believe

it, I thought I was hallucinating and I was trying so hard not to laugh. When

we left I asked M, "Was that dude dancing?, what the hell was going on?" as it

turned out he was, this was probably the most trippy thing that happened to me,

the trip was pretty lame, I had expected a lot more. Anyway we smoked a little

and my friends looked kind of like cartoons. I was getting minor, 2d visuals,

like from marijuana, not even as cool right before we smoked and these were

amplified. We walked down to this beach at the

park we were at and stood on a boat launch. The water, the lights across the

bay and the moon all looked cool, as did the optical illusion created by the

edges of the boat launch and the water. It looked like it was welling up

around the end of the boat launch... bending water... Trippy. After that, I

pretty generally started to come down. Overall this

trip was not what I expected. I didn't have a very good time. I understand

that cyanescens are supposed to be fairly potent so I'm not sure why it didn't

go so well for me... The dose may have been too low for my weight (about 160

Lbs) but my friend

who weighs about the same reported an amazing trip on the same amount of the

same shrooms so... who knows, maybe I didn't do enough or they were too old or


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