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Creative first time & Tina Turner

It was a friday night, i picked up 20 grams from a shop in Camden (London, UK) and went to my friends' place.

It was a friday night, i picked up 20 grams from a shop in Camden (London, UK) and went to my friends' place. I was in a really positive and happy, chilled mood - i ate just a couple (?) of long mexican shrooms. We watched a film then went into their living room...

Their housemate was showing me through some of her holiday photos and i suddenly felt very cool but very warm at once. Around their room they had fairy/christmas lights, and i thought someone had turned them onto flash mode, but apparently that was just the FX. it was beautiful. The room's light became golden, warm and soft and ebbed in waves towards and away from me. THe drapes on the room's walls looked liquid like, or moved like their was a gentle breeze. I began to laugh uncontrollably and we had to run back into my friends' bedoom.

I was really happy and really perplexed, just getting used to all the bizarre little things going on around me. As i was coming up the walls baegan to move and everything had gentle flowing patterns, like their was a hidden mirroball/child's lantern lightsource somewhere illuminating everything.

I had no idea how long everything was taking. My friend had been doing a painting of a very large sunset- to me now this was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen. It came to life and was like the sun in it was raining and breaking over and over again but contained in the canvas. I almost cried with happiness when i saw it, and just watched it for ages. Soon i just lay on the sofa and felt completely content.

For awhile i did start to panic at the beginning. My friends weren't being very talkative about their trips and being a couple i suddenly felt "the odd one out". I suddenly felt the mental enormity of what i was doing, and was worried i would stay like this forever. It was like everything was completely normal - i was completely rational- unlike being drunk or stoned etc- but my view and experiences were so different. I had to phone my long term partner who reminded me " it finishes - it's just a trip" and that was really good to remember! I was worried about having to face my parents, the office, or being put into a hospital perhaps! But it was fine , and i never became distressed or upset.

After that i lit lots of candles which was amazing as they all glowed and almost smiled at me. I felt encased in a big hug from world/universe/someone i loved - it was quite a beautiful and deep experience.

I then began to do alot of drawing on another canvas, i think i must have drawn straight for about four hours- till i came down- it was like lookinh between the lines of life - to sound pretentious!

My friend put on a mix cd of Tina Turner, David Bowie and some other stuff. "I Can't Stand The Rain" sounded utterly incredible- it was like i was inside the song, and all the bleeps and electro bits in were raining on and through me. Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie was the same- like it was being broadcast from another planet. I have never experienced music in such an involved way- and will continue to do mushrooms (occasionally) to experience music in this way - i am a big music geek and it was like being part of the songs. Amazing.

When the trip wore off i just smiled for about a day, and felt reconnected with myself, the world, my soul - if that makes sense. This after- effect stayed with me for about a week, but also made deeper changes- i generally felt happier and more connected to something spiritually perhaps, for some time after. It felt like enlightenment - perhaps- joy, understanding, religion????, dunno...just an amazing experience i would recommend (if done in the right way).

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