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Well I've tried mushrooms a few times, gotta say I love em.

Well I've tried mushrooms a few times, gotta say I love em. (Broke my hard when the government made em a class A) First time I experimented I was advised to try Mexicans. So me and a friend took a little trip to Camden market and invested in 40 quids worth, not sure what that worked out in in weight. Anyway, that night we hid all the knives and folks in me mates flat (didnt know what to expect) and ate away. Would advise anyone to eat them with some sort of food, I used crips, while holding your nose. Wouldn't be hard to bring em back up as they taste so bad. Atfer 10 minutes or so we both started laughing hard over something so pathetic I cant even remember what it was. Tears where rolling down our cheeks. Them came the waves of colour and that spaced out feeling you get from smoking a joint. The patterns on the floor and ceiling started moving. Atfer an hour or so the buzz was in full swing. We where in suck good moods. I see a cowboy and indian fight in my mates curtains, arrows where flying all across the room. How mads that? Decided to look out the window at some big advertising board. It was of the Andrex toilet roll puppy, which started showing its teeth at me and growling. The good thing about these waves of madness are you can kinda snap out of em when you want by telling yourself " na thats not real". See to much crazy stuff to comment on, best of all would have been my mates sighting of ET in the fridge. His trip however went a bit pair shaped. He got into a argument with his girlfrined on the phone and his trip changed. He started panicing, freaking out, crying at 1 point. Tried to convince me to call him an ambulance. Took all my energy to calm him down. Things turned out fine in the end. Would just like to advise anyone taking mushrooms to be in a good frame of mind, dont do em alone and just be sensible with em

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