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was drinking till 3 wen somebody decided to get mushies.

was drinking till 3 wen somebody decided to get mushies.took them,sometime later,got a burst of energy and walked to the shop with a friend in fits of giggles and feeling really hyper .walked to the path,n by the time we hit the end of the drive,we were lost,so went back to the house and asked for directions again . hit the road once more and forgot again so pulled over a taxi and were so hysterical,we couldnt talk and he drove off in a hurry with the door open . was walking down the road thinking i was fine,until i looked at a tree ,and it was like...wow!i looked at the thing for ages it seemed but still not long enough...every tree was more amzing than the other...the walk to the shop only takes 5 minutes on normal circumstances,however,we were reportedly missing for an hour and still never made it to the shop .i at some stage met a bush...which led to "the lion the which and the wardobe"movie,which is funny cuz ive never seen it,but i knew i was there...we got back to the house eventually were i was fascinated by everything ,curtains,paintings i was in everything...peoples faces were freaky,they looked kind of morbid,like things popping out.i tripped for ages and i felt like i had a greater understanding of nature and the world...i still never look at trees the same...in the end of the trip,we watched the "brady Bunch" which rocked witg all its colours!it was almost as if they knew!!!mushrooms rock!

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