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Class "trip"

I would call this trip a high 1.

I would call this trip a high 1. I had eaten one cap once before but it was barely a level one. I am taking my mushroom experiences nice and slow.

I had two shrooms left from my grow (eq's, 3rd or 4th flush), gave the rest away. During my history class i decided to take a shroom and a half so i could have something to do on a feild trip. For some reason everyone seemed to think was a lot. This got me to thinking "maybe i shouldnt do this" but it was too late any way.

I was excited about the shrooms so i was laughing a lot. On the walk to the train station i started to feel weird, like i was really tired and lightheaded. Close to the end of the train ride i noticed that the end of the subway car would get close and then move back (this hallucination was not as intense as it sounds).

When we got to the place we had to listen to some bloke speek about what it was like to live in the old days. I was more interested in the persons coat in front of me. It was a blue coat and from the shoulders, these dark blue vains started to spread. Also, it looked like there was a liquid, lighter blue on top of that. I wanted to enjoy myself but i couldnt help thinking that if this was only the beggining of my trip, it was going to get a lot more intense. I did not want to trip hard in a place where i had no idea where i was.

I started to freak out, thinking that i was doomed to be lost with no way to get home. It was around this time that i notice the hair on the person in front of me. It was gelled back and it seemed to be popping out at me like how things look in 3d vision in the cinema. I wanted to touch it so i poked this kids head, he knew i was tripping so he let it slide. I was still freaking out though. I remembered a tip that if you think positive thoughts you can change the course of your trip. I looked up at the speaker and thought "I am on clean shrooms that i grew, i'll be fine within a matter of time" and it worked!

When we went upstairs to see a poverty bedroom in the 1920's i noticed that the linoleum floor started to spread like it was rubber and it was being stretched, it looked nuts! I was also really mesmerized by all sorts of patterns and would stare and put my eyes as close to the pattern as possible, almost broke off 80 year old wall paper. The trip mellowed out from there.

I attribute the freak out to my unfamiliar surroundings and my girlfriend was made at me. The trip was fun and made me realize how powerful psychedellics are, and it was only a high level 1. I am glad i did not have that epiphany on a higher level. It was a nice experience though, i am defentnatly going to do it again.

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