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The Twilight Zone

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My closest friend and I decided to go to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and experience shrooms for the first time. We both chomped down a mild to average dose of fresh Hawiaan mushrooms in our cramped scabby hotel room, lay down on our beds and waited. I was already in a state of mild aprrehension as we were both first timers, and we both get paranoid easily, and oh dear oh dear. After about 30 minutes I started to experience strange bodily sensations. I was sweating so much that when i touched my clothes they were soggy, I started feeling like my skin was turning into a guey substance and my heart was racing. This would almost immediately subside and I would feel calm and content. During this period i would get beautiful shut-eye visuals of colourful fireworks and glittering fun-fare rides, but then my heart beat would start to increase and i would get the weird bodily sensations again. These waves seemed to go on forever. Me and my friend were both experiencing serious time dilations which made me abit paranoid and cagey, my mate wanted to talk about what was going on, but all i wanted to do was lie in silence. By this time i guess i had stopped coming up and i felt like the reality around me was changing. My mate was starting to freak me out a bit, he just past me a lighter and it felt like he was chucking it at my face or something and sometimes when i looked over at him he suddenly seemed really close, right up against my face. It was making me pretty jumpy. I didnt get any intense visuals during my trip, it was more the mood and atmosphere that had the greatest affect on me. Itwas like being in the twilight zone, nothing was outright scarey, i just felt this underlying sense of dread throughout. The colours of the room took on this weird eerie hue, and things seemed to be going in slow motion. and the music,fuck.music was by far the worst part of the trip. me and my friend are both into dark ambient electronica and we had tapes of this made for the occasion. Trust me dark electronica on a bad shroom trip is really really dark. It was like a single sound would strike me with the deepest fear i have ever felt and the sound would just echo through my soul on a constant loop which seemed to get louder and louder for an etenity + an eternity. Sorry, this probably sounds melodramatic but it was fucking intense. i still can't listen to the music without spinning out. My mate(Andy by the way) kept wanting to go outside and stuff, but i was to scared to move. As time moved on (slowly, very slowly) the trip became more dealabe, and i was able to appreciate some cool visuals. Random typed messages started to appear on the wall like cheesy comercials, this made me laugh abit. and at one point the light fixture on the ceiling changed into this colourful robotic spider and started crawling around.
Towards the end of the trip, my body started doing weird stuff again. When i moved an arm or a leg, it felt like it was still in its original position. I also felt like i was drowning in what seemed like a sea of bed sheets. So thats that. I don't think it was a really bad trip, but I felt like i was standing on the fringes of the dark-side. Perhaps a higher dose and it would of been really fucked up. I havent tried mushrooms since. I feel I should tell you about the following couple of days, as they were almost as bad as the trip itself. Me and Andy really didn't feel comfortable with each other, we were both really on edge. Everything seemed so intense, even just sitting in mac donalds. We had planned to go and see some strip shows and have a blokey kinda laugh, we knew that we would'nt be able to enjoy anything though. The worst thing about it was we both thought we had fucked up our fragile minds for good, it was the most depressing time of my life. I remember we went into a cafe hoping to have a mellow smoke. We were soon joined on our table by a couple of really friendly guys, who just wanted to have a chat and a smoke. I remember me and Andy sitting in silence watching tears whell up in each others eyes. fuck, how pathetic. We had all the factors wrong, and it was'nt a very stable time in my life, so thats probably the answer. My fascination is growing again and i'm generally a more chilled person now, so i have a good feeling about my next voyage into the unknown. Sorry if that was all abit depressing, but i think its good advice for first timers. just be mellow and think of beaches....

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