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Christmas in July

Well it had been a while that I had wanted to try shrooms- I was never peer pressured and I'm not a druggie, but I do occassionally like some bud and I figured shrooms was pretty safe compared to other hallucinogens.

Well it had been a while that I had wanted to try shrooms- I was never peer pressured and I'm not a druggie, but I do occassionally like some bud and I figured shrooms was pretty safe compared to other hallucinogens. Everyone that I talked to that had tried shrooms told me how "trippy" it was and besides telling me I was going to see some crazy shit, I never really got good information about what it was really going to be like. So, for any of you first timers about to try it, let me fill you in on some of the stuff that I didn't know was going to happen to me. Me and my buddy J decided last weekend that we were going to try it so after many failed attempts we finally located some magic mushrooms and we each got an eighth. It was 10pm when we ate them, so we each ate about 3/4 of our eighth with a glass of orange juice and then we waited. I noticed that after about 15 minutes that I had a bit of a strange feeling behind my eyes; they weren't hurting, but they started to feel different. We have an attached bar room on our house that we rent so we went out there and put on some music and I layed down on the couch out there and stared at the ceiling. Without even realizing what was going on, I noticed that the ceiling began to breathe. It was amazing! One thing that nobody told me about shrooms was how coherent you feel when you are tripping. I thought it would be like being stoned or buzzed but instead of limiting your perceptions of reality, it makes you feel like you are sober in a sense, but at the same time you are seeing things that you know are impossible. The ceiling was taking deep breathes in with the beat of each song playing and the walls began to stretch and contract, stretch and contract, over and over again. At this time my friend J decided that he wasn't seeing what I was, so he went back inside and finished off the rest of his eighth. I walked inside and went into one of my roommate's room and layed on the floor there and stared at our popcorn ceiling (Our house was built in the 60's). I noticed that from the corners, it looked like a tree was taking root, and the roots began to spider across the ceiling; twisting and weaving in and out of one another and the glitter in the popcorn ceiling began to look like fireworks as they would suddenly burst in a bright flash. Keep in mind that I was quite aware of what was going on- like I said earlier, you feel sober in a sense. J and I then decided that we wanted to go swimming in our pool, so we put on our swim suits and headed outside. We flipped on the pool lights and our pool took on the heineken bottle-green color as usual. Needless to say, we didn't even end up in the pool. We just ended up sitting on the edge of the pool with our feet in the water staring at the bottom of the pool. It was there that I saw a chinese dragon. Here was another thing that I didn't realize before I took shrooms- you don't just see random crap like a spaceship just fly across your vision; instead you begin to notice patterns in inanimate objects that suddenly take shape and contort and change colors. I liken it to looking at clouds in the sky as a child- you begin to notice that certain things look like other objects or creatures or whatever. The way the light in the pool reflected off the bottom made it appear that some of the cracks and bumps at the bottom of the pool looked like a chinese dragon. We sat there for who knows how long- As many people have said you lose the concept of time when on shrooms. Time feels much more linear and every event seems connected to the last event and connected to the event that will eventually happen. You can trace everything you've done in a very linear fashion. Back to the story at hand, me and J then decided to go back in the bar and I layed back down on the couch and he sat in one of the chairs and by this time the music had stoped playing but my roommate had plugged in some Christmas lights in that we had used for our cinco de mayo party. They hung vertically in the corner of the bar and some of the lights twinkled. We also have a fog machine in our bar so my roommate blasted some fog into the room and it made it very hazy and dream-like. We then noticed how the twinkling Christmas lights bounced off some of the other red, white and green cinco de mayo decorations that we had hanging up in the bar. We turned to eachother and we both knew how much it reminded us of Christmas. Me being the genius I am jumped up and put on my Christmas playlist on my ipod. I layed back down on the couch and the gentle song of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" drifted in and out of the foggy room. The longer I stared at the twinkling lights in the corner, the more and more it began to resemble a fully lit Christmas tree. J and I both noticed that it began to bring tears to our eyes since it seemed to make us feel exactly like it was Christmas night- the feeling you get after you realize that all the guests and family have left after Christmas diner, and all the presents had been opened, and all the preparing for the most loving holiday of the year was over. We both had that empty feeling you get after Christmas has passed. Did I mention that it's the middle of JULY?! Since this was way too depressing, I turned the music off and we went inside and watched some TV while the both of us came down. I hope my story seemed as interesting to you as it was to me and maybe you learned a thing or two about what to expect. I am certainly glad I tried it and can't wait to do it again.

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