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Christmas holidays first Amanita experience.

I bought 12.

I bought 12.5g of Amanita Muscaria (fly agaric)from a headshop in the nearest town to me. It was in December, during the lead-up to Christmas, and I'd been doing some Christmas shopping. The stuff was imported from South Africa, though I live in the UK where it is apparently quite common.

I didn't eat it on an empty stomach, I ate some macaroni cheese. Anyway, I began ingesting them soon afterwards though over a period of about an hour.

The effects were ever so subtle at first, in fact hardly noticeable. I felt quite clammy, I felt a certain humidity, and my perceptions of things began to alter ever so slightly. I was going to put on a Cure CD, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, to be precise, but instead it was Depeche Mode and to me this was very funny. I sniggered a little bit, but the sound was pleasing to me. It sounded better than usual. I played some didjeridu, and the sound was rich and intoxicating, yet it was harder than usual to play, particularly in sustaining a note.

I was growing increasingly drowsy, so I allowed myself to sleep, having heard that the effects can take a greater hold after sleep. When I awoke the bed sheets around my head were covered in sticky goo. I had been salivating profusely in my sleep. Furthermore, I had a horrible pain in my bladder. I went to go for a piss, but I could hardly manage and in my mind my urinal system was badly damaged in the sense that my bladder had divided into many different bladders, and that was the cause of my inability to pass water.

All the time I continued to dribble masses of thick saliva and kept making trips to the bathroom to try and empty my bladder. I put the Cure on, but the music felt as if it was distant, drifting away from me. After a while of this, I decided to go to sleep.

I slept on the floor, on a Peruvian rug because my bed was covered in thick saliva.

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