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Camping Trip!

Hey happy shroomers!

Hey happy shroomers! I've gotta tell you about a cool trip I had. It was the first week of the summer and me and five friends were going camping. We drove up North from Toronto and took a boat to a small uninhabited island on a large lake. We designated our shrooms for the first night and saved most of our other goodies for later. We did however have quite a few bowls before munching.

We split a quarter between four of us, (that's about 1 ½ grams each) and flashed lights at each other in our tent until the trip started kickin' in. I needed to be outside cause six people in a small tent can turn a good trip bad, fast. Time meant nothing at the time, but I'd guess it was about half-an-hour after digestion.

The campfire is one thing I'll never forget about that trip. Either I'm a pyromaniac, or fire truly is the most fascinating thing to watch when your mind is melting. Even though it was cold that night, the fire and the shrooms kept me perfectly warm. In fact, everything else about me was feeling pretty good too. My back was so lose, I felt as spineless as a jellyfish. I was sittin' on a hard log, but my ass seemed to melt into it. I threw leaves into the fire every couple a minutes cause I liked hearing them crackle and the intense light colours they gave.

There was no point waiting to get bored of that so I decided to stop and lie on the grass. I stared at the stars and was amazed at how many you could see when you're not in the city. At this point I was at my peak and my trip was now out of control. My friends were talking non-stop but all I heard was buzzing and the sound of the fire. I wouldn't dare call this a bad trip, but every once in a while I would get flashes of paranoia as I stared at the sky. I'm not usually scared of heights but this seemed similar to that type of experience. It started by imagining climbing a huge ladder up to one of the stars and then I wondered what it would be like to fall off the earth and crash on one of them. I couldn't help thinking about it and it's all I thought about for a while. It wasn't as scary as it was intriguing.

I haven't had a better trip since, and can't wait til next summer.

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