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The Stranger

This was back in September of 94, The first time I had tripped on those little funguys.

This was back in September of 94, The first time I had tripped on those little funguys. I had tripped on Acid before and was under the impression it was very similar...I was wrong to say the least. I was with some good friends of mine at a friends house. his mother had gone on some cruise or something. She usually left my friend home alone for about two weeks at a time while she went on her futile attemps to reclaim her youth. My friend told me to come over, they had scored an ounce of shrooms. So I did...making sure to let the rents know I wouldn't be home that night. We all took about 1/8th a piece and set out to the golf course about 100 yards from his house. He lived right next to the part of the course that was very secluded. We took some 2 way radios that I had borrowed from my dad's paintball room, and set out on a 3v3 game of man hunt. We played for about 45 minutes or so....then I began to see patterns through the trees when I looked up. Knowing this was much different than any acid trip, I quickly called off the game over the radios only to find out the others had not been playing for about 5 minutes due to the amazing visuals they had been getting. So we all congregated to a favorite spot for shroomers in Rhode Island, under the great weeping willow tree behind the pond. It was so beutiful, the moon was full and the cool September air lent itself to a pristeen sky...all the stars a mind could handle. We sat there for quite some time and had in depth discussions on all the subject 6 young tripping minds could come to. After which, we decided to sit on Grovesnor Hill. This was a perfectly round hill sitting in the middle of the course far from the prying ears of "the man". It was so perfect..it looked like an indian mound, with the exception of the huge tree sprouting out of the middle. It was here we embarked in a conversation that changed the way I looked at people. We got to talking about the song from Billy joel "The stranger". It was about how people in affect have a social mask that they put on before they leave the house to hide themsleves. I started off by telling them a story about a girl I had dated! for about 6 months my senior year. She was a cheerleader, very popular, and destined for great things....or so we thought. I commented on how she was the perfect daughter for anyone, and then I told them how one day, after band practice I met up with her and went to Chez moi! She was obviously in a bad mood, and I tryed to coax her into telling me what was wrong. She finally just went into some ballistic shpeel on how she was so tired of doing what everyone expected of her and that's why she like me, because I really didn't care what people thought of me. She poored her fealing out for about 2 hours or so. This didn't bother me because I knew that things can build up inside and make one miserable, sometimes you just have to let it out! But what did bother me is that after all the out pooring and stuff the next day, she had a tough time looking me in the face, I guess out of embarresment. We had come to the conclusion that there are some people that are destined to be unhappy due to thier inability to accept the fact that they aren't perfect. All my friends and I really didn't care what the world thought of us just as long as we didn't have to put on a show every day, and I guess that is why we were always so damned content. For example, just sitting there....in the middle of now where...discussing what ever came up.

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