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Bunk Shrooms?

160 lb.

160 lb. male age 19

I had been wanting to do shrooms for over 2 years, when finally one Friday night at college, the opportunity finally arose. I ingested 3.5 grams of dried shrooms. The consistency wasn't what I had expected. It took probably 15 minutes to eat the full eighth. It was shake but there were clear chunks of caps and stems present. I ate the whole bag, making sure to chew them thoroughly as to reduce nausea later on.

I remember sitting there for 30 minutes or so, thinking I had been ripped off. I was listening to my ipod and laying on my friends bed staring at the textured ceiling. I was listening to Jukebox Hero by Foreigner when I noticed the ceiling begin to ripple slightly. Nothing astronomical, just a slight ripple. I was feeling a bit queasy and decided to go back to my own dorm room.

There were 4 or 5 people in there and I wanted everyone to leave. They were playing college football on PS2 and I was pissed at my roommate cause I just wanted to sit there alone with music and trip out. I caught a glimpse of my eyes as I left the room, and had to take a look. My pupils were dilated more than anything I have ever seen. I looked like a cartoon character.

I left my room and went a few doors over to hang with one friend who had tripped before, and who had a room quite conducive for tripping out. We put some techno on the surround sound and turned on the xbox visualizer. I was laying on the futon and looking at the Christmas lights above me, wrapped in a sea of down comforters and pillows. The sub woofer to his system was beneath the futon and everytime the bass hit it felt like it pulsated through my body.

I returned to my room after they left for a party and sat calmly listening to my itunes and playing mariokart 64 with a few good friends.

Throughout the whole experience I felt like I never reached a plateau. I felt like I was severely stoned, and nothing more, I experienced no visualizations, eyes open or closed, no profound thoughts, nothing. I have explained this trip to people that are experienced with mushrooms and their reactions are mixed. Some say I could have just had a mild first trip, others say I didn't get good stuff. My friend who has shroomed once before says it sounds like I was ripped off. I don't think I am desensitized or anything to them because the only other drugs I have taken were weed and booze. Should I find shrooms elsewhere? thanks in advance.

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