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Well it all started when we took the shrooms on a thursday night around 9:20 pm.

Well it all started when we took the shrooms on a thursday night around 9:20 pm. Me and my friend brandon bought 15 bucks worth of some sort of kabenzy. There was alot more steem then there was cap in the bag. We each took about 1.5 grams and a little cap each. We waited about 2 hours and nothing was happening(the shrooms sucked ass in other words), so we decided to scrape our pipes for a little bit of resin. so we got some resin, while brandon was doing that i got about a bowls worth of weed crumbs out of about 5 differnt bags that were probaly two or three months old. So we mixed the resin and the crumbs to gether and we decided it was time to smoke the shit. While we were buzzin' brandon remembered that he had some doggy downers(tranqulizers), so we decided to take them for the first time. I didnt really feel them for a little while, but after about 30 minutes i started to fell different, it was like a weird combanation of drugs but it kind of felt like a shroom high mixed with something i could'nt sence. Dont take me wrong but it was weird and cool. Over all it sucked because i wanted to trip off the shrooms and only the shrooms, but i didnt. but next time im going to take an eighth all to my self.

well happy shrooming

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