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boy creature

This isnt a whole trip, just part of one.

This isnt a whole trip, just part of one. I ate just 2 small shrooms while out shoping with my freind. i split from him and got on the bus home, i looked out the window and was watching people go about their daylie whatevers. one boy stood out. i was sitting on the top deck of the bus, (this is in london by the way so all you yanks at this stage can imagine a red bus.) and the boy was crossing the zebra crossing infront of the bus. i saw him in a different light to how i would normally and watched him for considerably longer. i looked at him asif he were a creature no more important than any other. i watched him cross the road and then walk up it with his head hung quite low looking at the ground, occationally glansing up to look at other people but then quikly looking down if they saw him. he was wearing an adidas track suit. it sadnd me so much that he didnt value himself and that he didnt see himself as a buitifull thing that i cryed all the way home.

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