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big waste o' money

my fellow dudes,this trip report is a sad one,and is a reminder that sometimesmushrooms dont work, and you just have to deal with it.

my fellow dudes,

this trip report is a sad one,
and is a reminder that sometimes
mushrooms dont work, and you
just have to deal with it.

so ive been waiting to do this for
a long time, and i read a bunch
of trip reports and stuff and i was
really prepared and excited to experience
the wonderful world of shrooms.

so we go to an aboretum, where
i take them.

an hour later i feel dizzy and colors are really bright. thats it.

im still dizzy and i found a stick, and tried
to pretend like i was in vietnam...
it was so sad, i was trying so hard to see
things, to notice any effects...

i just ended up feeling tired and drunk.

the only thing i really thought looked cool
was outside. there was a really trippy shadow that
"intensified" the 3-dimensionality of reality
for a little bit, but that was after smoking a lot
of weed and drinking some beer.

what a terrible terrible trip.

im going to grow shrooms and try again,
hopefully it will be a much better experience.

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