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Big first time trip

The first time i triped on shrooms was the best day of my life.

The first time i triped on shrooms was the best day of my life. It all started when me and a few of my friends were buying bud from my neighbor. He offered us some shrooms and we had some extra cash so we all pitched in for some. When he got back we told him that none of us have ever done them before and didnt know what to do, so he instructed us. He said to eat two for start then eat one in an hour or so, and maby smoke some also. So I ate 2 whole ones and one cap at first, and smoked some later. Man they taisted like $hit! We all sat in my room and litened to some pink floyd while we waited for them to kick in, and they did. My friend started to play some tool song on my guitar when i noticed what looks like pink liquid floating around my guitar.I then directed my attention to the tv and the show south park was on. All of the characters faces were melted and had black eyes. I started to get a big woozy so i layed down on my bed uner my tye dye blanket,when the tye dye started to swirl around and the ceiling started to drip down like rain. The last 2 things i rember from my trip were after a whlie we sparked up a doobie. When my friend dink blow out the smoke it looked like bubbles. Then it the carpet looked like it had a big ball under it that was moving around. Man it was a blast..

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