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best trip ever

hi im 15 years old and i tried mushrooms for the first time last night.

hi im 15 years old and i tried mushrooms for the first time last night...i wuz at a party and completely crunked then i got offered 6 g's for free if i did them with a couple other of my buddys...so i munched them and unfortunately jus wen i started trippin, the party got busted and me and mo buddys had a 4 mile walk home through the country...i couldn't tell wut wuz road and gravel and dirt...we walked through a massive hay field with hay higher then our head. we walked soo far and i felt like jus faling to sleep in the field....i fell down and tried to go to sleep but my friends wouldn't let me....then i started thinking about my life and i felt that i had nothing and i ddn't even know wut life wuz and i felt completely worthless...after we funally got out of the field we walked about 10 feet onto the road and we got stopped by the cops. i had a half ouunze of weed on me so i didn't want to be ssuspicious but i didn't even know wut i wuz doing....i turned around and i kept on thinking i saw cops coming frum the field and behind me and infront of me. the cops let us go but they warned us that we need to put on 'proper protective gear' haha....soo we continued our walk and i guess we were ewalking in the middle of the road because a car came speeding toward us...so many things i had to worry about i jus felt like i wanted to die....we fina..y made it back to town and went to my friends house and crashed instantly...i will definitely be doing them again FUCKIN AWESOME TRIP....thats all for now, PEACE

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