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The sober bitch

This report should be a guide of a few things NOT to do while taking mushrooms.

This report should be a guide of a few things NOT to do while taking mushrooms.

I have tripped quite a bit. At the time this happened, I had been growing mushrooms for

about 4 months and eating them every chance I got, but always by myself. I have problems

trusting people so the only way I can feel completely secure while tripping is to be

alone. For some reason I decided to try it with a friend, we'll call her M. She had only

done mushrooms once. We were trying to think of a setting to do it, and we decided on

one of the many parks in the area, someplace where we would be mostly alone...but our

plans died the minute the sky clouded up and it started raining, so for some reason we

chose the mall as the next best place. We parked the car in a nearby neighberhood (we

were planning on leaving it until morning) and took the mushrooms mixed up in orange

juice. No taste at all.

They didnt kick in until after we had been walking around the mall for a while, maybe 20

minutes. When I started to feel it the first thought in my head was "this is going to be

bad". I started feeling sick to my stomach as usual, but I was prepared for that. After

more time had passed I HAD to sit down so we went to the food court. The table had a

complex pattern on it that kept rising above the surface, making it look 3d. M was doing

ok, but I wasn't...I wasnt having a bad trip, I was just very uncomfortable. It made it

worse that I was trying to pretend to have a good time.

The mall got boring quickly, so we went outside and watched the rain. I remember seeing

all the gum people had spit off the balcony that was now stuck to ground below. It was

glowing, separating it from everything around it. M suggested we call a friend of hers,

which sounded like a good idea at the time.

After that, things got really bad. M's friend was a total bitch and was dragging us

around doing things neither one of us wanted to do. At one point she decided to go to

the store, and she wouldn't let us wait in the car. She wouldnt even tell us why, she

just said we had to come with her. Neither me or M could take it, all we wanted to do

was sit down but we had to walk around anyway. The rest of the evening is just a big

blur...until finally I got a ride home. Things started to feel a lot better once I got

inside my own house. I was still with M, and she had to get somewhere also but I was

feeling OK enough to drive at that point. We discussed how much a bitch her friend was

and ended the night on a happy note.

The only other thing was on the way home when I was driving I kept thinking i was in a

video game. That was cool for a while until I started to think about how fun it would be

to crash the car...I had to stop myself and just concentrate on getting myself home in

one piece, which I did.

Unless youre a very stable person, never trip with a sober bitch it just may ruin your


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