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best day of my life


so..my friend and i have been planning for ages for us to hook up and get some shrooms since i have never tried it. i came to her house n we smoked a lil weed...she taught me how to roll cuz i usually use a pipe and then we just chilled. the good thing about me is i get high VERY easily, i mean 3 good tokes and im gone, and ive done weed before so i thought it was time to move on to the next step. so we go outside to meet tha person who was gonna give us our shrooms, once we reached the spot we met up with a guy on a bike, who seemed older than us which was kinda weird, but then again i was trippin out on weed so iunno. so we get it and we get on the bus n we meet my friends 2 friends who were supposed to come over to her house. we get home n one of the guys separates about a gram of shrooms, mostly stems but i saw a few caps. the taste didn't really bother me until someone told me it grew in sh** so that kinda disturbed me but anyways, waiting for the trip to kick in was sooo much fun. after about half an hour i would laugh at everything someone said. my friend kept on askin me if im trippin out n i kept on lookin at my watch n sayin no.....until i realized i was laughin so hard and i was smiling constantly. from that moment one i have never been soo happy in my life!!! everything just amused me, everyone was just so happy and even though this was one guy was always pissed off cuz he didn't get any shrooms, he still made me happy because he was soo mysterious. i decided i would venture outside and experience my trip there. so i go to my friends backyard and i see a tool shed....on my walk to the tool shed which was like a 10 second walk i couldn't stop cracking up. once i get to the tool shed i thought i saw someone so i started laughin even more and then i saw a spider web right infront of my face and let me tell u it was breath taking. i blew on it and lil dew drops started to form and i just kept on staring at it for such a long time, i couldn't believe that something so beautiful was so simple. anyways i started crackin up again cuz i thought i must have looked crazy. i get back in the house and people forgot that i was still there so i decided to have a smoke. let me tell u, i must have smoked like half a pack of ciggarettes in less than an hour because i could just not feel it but just holding the ciggarette in my hand and inhaling and exhaling which seemed like air was soo amazing. i later looked down at my legs and basically my body and i just fell in love with it. i thought i was soo beautiful and soo cute, no matter how many imperfections i had it didn't matter to me, i was soo adorable and i went around for an hour telling people that. another thing i found soo interesting both on weed and on shrooms were cats. it was soo amazing to hold a living creature in my arms. something that could breathe and feel and have thoughts was soo amazing to me. we later went upstairs to my friends room and basically talked...i held her leg and started telling her how real it was, one of the guys who also took shrooms was making me soo happy. he was just like me, he felt the same way and acted and talked the same way as me which made me feel so much closer to him and we all just sat up there for like 2 hours just talking. my mom was gunna come pick me up at 7 and i took the shrooms at 3 so i was coming down now but i was soo pissed cuz i still had like another gram of shrooms lying around somewhere and i couldn't find them. o another thing, i found that at one point of my trip i wanted to have sex lol, this was before i started calling myself cute, but i really had the urge just cuz i thought it was such a beautiful thing. anyways i got home and just stayed calm the rest of the night, i recomend shrooms to everyone, i wish my trip never ended, it felt soo good to always be happy and just appreciate little things and not worry about anything bad or negative that was going on in the world. my first trip on shrooms was the best day of my life and i can't wait to do it again!!! HAPPY TRIPPIN GUYS!!!!

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