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behind the curtains

I came upon some shrooms, and hid them behind the clock in my kitchen ( who'd look there?

I came upon some shrooms, and hid them behind the clock in my kitchen ( who'd look there?). anyways, I decided to have some one night, and took a little pinch ( these are pretty strong, like pure purple, plus it was a schoolnight). I ate them, and went to smoke some bud, but I had no lighter. I talked with my friend on MSN, and started to notice that I was being very philosophical. I looked up at the fake neon "moosehead beer" sign on my wall and it kind of swirled, and the monitor leered a bit. the floor breathed very subtely, so I decided to get a lighter downtown. I put Buddha Bar2 on my walkman, and enjoyed it more than I have in years. I thought of many things and figured out alot of solutions to my problems that I had been having lately. with that out of the way, I walked down to the administration grounds and was taken back by the beauty of it all. I live in banff, and if you've been there you know its a beautiful place. I knew this, but not like I do now. the juxtaposition of the recently lit up town against the mountains and the bright purple sky made me come close to tears. I decided to go and wander around downtown. I meandered all over, going from one street to another and going back up one, walking down the middle of streets and down back alleys, the whole time singing out loud to the music or giggling giddily with realisation that I was feeling absolutely great. I came to the verge of tears of joy several times. I went to my high school which is currently under construction, and made my peace with it. i accepted all of the experiences I'd had there and said goodbye ( I'm a senior, so I won't be there next year, obviously). I was like a spaceship, and I flew to the safeway where I bought a lighter and a nestea bottle. I flew around the aisles, and didn't even stop. I just floated to the nestea and grabbed it effortlessly, without any of the usual awkwardness I experience in my "normal" hobbledehoy state. I deposited 6 dollars into the charity donation box and then flew out of the store. I saw a coyote running down banff avenue. I saw a plane in the sky. I saw several planes, now that I think of it... was I more observational or seeing shit?
I walked around some more, went to kellers and bought something, gum I think. I was afraid they'd think I was shoplifting ( I did that alot as a kid, so I guess I had some residual paranoia or something) and left. I decided to walk through the park. it was kind of scary because it was night, and I couldn't see much. I think I saw the coyote again, but he was very very faint, I could barely make him out in fact, and he almost seemed whitish, and maybe transparent. he walked around me, scared, and I noticed some patches of fur missing from his body. he didn't look to well, and I felt bad for him" or her" I said aloud. whatever, it didn't matter, it was a living being in unnecessary and prolonged pain. I shed a tear ( just one) and then headed off again. I felt an uncomfortable object against my side, and found that it was my nestea. I threw it away, hoping someone who really needed some refreshment would find it. I placed a five dollar bill under a rock. I headed back home and made up songs about people I know in my head, going along with the music. I ran all the way from the bridge to my house, pretending I was a coyote. I breathed with the night perched on my shoulders. it really felt like that, its not just tacky writing. I could feel the night massaging me, coercing me and telling me to run, and not to stop. I got to my house and petted my dog and went and got my weed case. I found a lighter in it. I smoked a bowl and noticed I was now just stoned, and not feeling the mushrooms at all. I slept like a fucking baby, and felt much refreshed the next day, getting up a full hour before I usually do. I now have some minor residual visual ... things. If I stare at things I can warp them slightly, and if I stare at poles or other long, skinny things, I can make them waver and squirm very slowly. Its very subtle, and it was there a bit before the mushrooms, but now it is in the front of my consciousness, and I can do it more easily. I planned to do mushrooms more of course, and to try more, alot more, that weekend, but when I looked for them they were gone. I think my house mate took them when he changed the clock for daylight savings ( which I totally forgot!) and I have yet to confront him about this. Its not important though, I think I will get mushrooms when I am supposed to.

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