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Bathroom Tripp

My friend Ben and I got a 1/2 quarter of shrooms last night after a huge power outage in our town.

My friend Ben and I got a 1/2 quarter of shrooms last night after a huge power outage in our town...we decided perfect time to get messed up - why not!

dropped the shrooms on a delicious pizza...mowed down...then all of a sudden he was looking at his grandmother telling me her hand was like the devil...that kinda freaked me out but it takes a lot for me to trip so I enjoyed his high while mine slowly crept....

a couple of hours in we cracked open the Heinekens and started downing them to waste some more time - within a few minutes I was headed to the bathroom for a quick pee...which turned into a 20 minute long trip. I was sitting on the toilet when the walls looked as if they were starting to breathe. in and out, further and further. I focussed in on a really cool green and white patterend wallpaper covering a window - and all of a sudden shit started to go realllllly strange. in addition to the walls breathing, I had this crazy wallpaper splitting into sections and melting colours into one another - the pattern seemed to be expanding and retracting in so many ways i had to touch it to see if it was real....blinking over and over to see if it was just blurred vision, it was getting intense...my body started losing motor conrol and my legs were weakening....

I excused myself from this crazy instance and returned to my buddy Ben, who by this time was confused about who he was and what was up with the crazy purple blinds. Another hour went by and during this time i excused myself to the bathroom to intensify my trip with the wonderful wallpaper....20 minutes at a time was sitting there just losing all control of everything - and loving it!

The final time I was in the bathroom was where my trip took a scary turn...(the power had come on shortly after we took the mush by the way) so indulged in this amazing trip I was breathing hard and widening my eyes at the wonders i was seeing...then all of a sudden...DARKNESS....the power had gone out again!...I started screaming to get me out of the bathroom..."OH MY GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE...WHATS HAPPENING...BENNNNN,,,,BENNNN".....I found myself smacking my hands against all walls screaming to get out because I was convinced something was trying to trap me. a flicker and the lights were back on....wide eyed, terrified and freezing cold I returned to my beer and comforts of the living room, to never again go back into the bathroom....Laughs & conversation ended the night....I`ll never take shrooms during a power outage,...THATS for damn sure!

xo Courtney

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