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Aurora Borealis

Hey, I tripped for the first time last night.

Hey, I tripped for the first time last night. I have been desperate to try shrooms for a long while now. I picked about 50g (fresh) of Psilocybe Baeocystis near my house in a small wooded area. I failed to get the blueing reaction so i thought they might not be Baeocystis. I ate a tiny piece of stem and waited to see if I died. 24hrs later i was fine so i decided to eat the smallest one i had, it was about 4-5g, i liked the taste. an hour later i was feeling nothing so i ate another of a simlilar size.

about an hour later i was lying on my bed reading and noticed flashing dots skimming over the roof and walls. i watched this for a while and then closed my eyes. i could see vague shadowy shapes waving around. i stayed like this a while and then began reading again to pass time while the trip deepened.

soon i was back to staring at the roof, the dots were more frequent and this strange fog which white, grey, brown and black kept sweeping across my vision. it began to form into shapes like the northern lights, this continued throughout the trip when i stared at one thing for any length of time.

there is a series of repeating blue shapes on my wall, the lines of these which are usually straight began to bend and curve, making the wall seem to bulge. closed eye visuals were now getting brighter and more colourful, i was having great fun.

this is was the only bad part of my trip next. there was a bear fluffy toy which i had had forever. it was in a box on a shelf, its eyes and ears were just poking into view. i got really scared of this bear, the solid black eyes just kept staring at me. its face began to change shape as well, i thought it was alive and i got the feeling it hated me. i lost myself in the roof again.

pretty soon i wanted to go to the bathroom, but i didn't dare to move while the bear was watching me. eventually i reminded myself what it was and went. i hadn't stood up for the whole trip this was about 2 and a half hours after i ate the first shroom. walking along the landing i had legs like jelly. i pissed fine and then looked into the mirror. i would advise anyone tripping to try looking in a mirror. it may be really freaky but as you know your face so well you can guage the hallcinations easily. my face in the mirror was changing shape and size and loads of stuff like that. at one point my left eye took up about half my face. it kept sliding in and out of focus. i would say this was my peak.

back in my room i started to get changed and ready to go to sleep. the bear was hating me again, i felt very vulnerable without much on and dived pretty quick into my bed. here i had a very cool visual. the fog came, it was kinda purplish. it started swirling into one point, kinda like a hurricane looks from a satellite. then rings came from my head and began to shrink down into the center of the 'hurricane'. they rings were making things ripple as they passed over them. i now turned off the light to go to sleep. with closed eyes i could see something like a galaxy, but the stars were bright orange. they were also swirling round and round. every time i opened my eyes it was a different colour. i then started to drift off to sleep. i was half asleep and i woke up again and thought i hadn't turned the light's off and i had only just closed my eyes. i opened my eyes and it was dark my watch told me half an hour had passed. i then slept.

my experience with shrooms has been a cool first one. i am going to trip again tonight with whats left of my baeocystis. about 40-45g. this is gonna be a memorable one!
the trip report will added soon, it will have the word 'rewt' in it so you can find it if you want.

thanks for your time, its been long i know.

if you want to e-mail me feel free gorillamo123@hotmail.com >
Will. T, welsh shroomer

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