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And awaay we shroom!

This is the TRIP REPORT of my first trip with magic mushrooms.

This is the TRIP REPORT of my first trip with magic mushrooms. I'm 33.

With the gift of hindsight I believe this to be a level 1.5 (but I'm gonna round down to 1 cause I really didn't have that much fun.) I give the .5 to the visuals BUT I had to "look for them", I found them they didn't find me!

Back in March 2004 I got it into my head that it would be an "interesting thing" to experiment with magic mushrooms...

Actually my interest was first in growing poppy plants for opium extraction to lace my Nat Sherman cigarettes with. But that is another story for another day. I ordered Opium for the Masses by Jim Hogshire and Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide by O.T. Oss & O.N. Oeric needless to say the book on mushrooms captured more of my interest.

I searched on the internet for a mushroom kit and spores. I found a very basic kit that offered a bag of perlite, 6 1/2 pint mixes, a thermometer and a bucket with a breathe filter. And no directions.....

Needless to say I didn't use this bucket but 3 plastic shoebox containers per the ShroomWizard's Grow guide (shroomwizard.com) which slices right to how to grow shrooms very easily for about $20 bucks. His guide is the clearest, easiest and most concise guide to growing and casing I came across in the minefield of kits, books and websites trying to rob you of money on the internet!

I ordered a spore syringe of Golden Teacher from $20.

Total $40 investment.. oh and I am now incubating B+ strain which I got for $1 from the free spore ring network of Europe.

Flash forward 2 1/2 months later and tonite at approximately 8:30pm EDT during the middle of a Deep Space Nine rerun I picked or cut rather with some clean scissors my first shroom. It weighed approximatley 5 grams wet.

Early today at work I checked at this website (shroomery.org) for how much I wanted to trip on tonite and what level. I chose Level 1 psilocybin cubensis Golden Teacher strain. I also read every single trip report dealing with Golden Teacher.....

(it is 10:17 pm at this precise moment, my ears are boxing and I am typing this in the middle of my trip. I am smoking a Nat Sherman cigarette while listening to Enigma's MCMXD a.d full album (I am at Callas went away). I am sitting here naked with Nag Champa insence buring in it's holder on my windowcill. There is a cool summer breeze occasionally from outside and I have my floor fan on low. There is a single white church type candle burning on top of my monitor for ambience. My monitor's contrast and brightness are very low..... I now have 5 grams of wet ~ 2.5 dried shrooms in me.)

What I'd like to do is describe what has happened in roughly since 8:40 p.m about an hour and a half ago. But first, a little about me.

I am a 5'8" tall 225 guy. Very stocky and hold my weight well. I am on 375mg of Effexor XR and 1gm of Risperdal. The former for anxiety, depression and mania, the later for pschotic hallucinations...sensory alterations caused by ? dunno really but i from time to time feel like there is this presence feeling around, sorta like how you can tell a tv is still turned on with your eyes closed and the volume turned all the way down...even if the tv has just a blank screen when on somehow. ..but I digress...anyways.. Lastly I ate a small pizza (California Pizza Kitchen(Jamaican Jerk flavor~ja man!)) approximately 1 hour before I tripped. I was full but not glutted.

I tell all these things cause obviously the possible medication interaction was REALLY concerning me. I've read other posts and see that many other people take shrooms while medicated...but I never found anyone taking what I take, similar, but definatley not the same and definately not in such high a dose.


Here I go with what you probably are reading this thing for.


I started out pacing myself to see if I would go nuts or wacky or breakdown or something..well I can tell ya right now that ain't happenin..so that's a GOOD thing. Actually I feel my risperdal still "affecting me"(sorta a spacey feeling in-of-itself) more than the shrooms....ok

8:40 pm I take 1.25 grams of raw shroom bite chew and swallow with cold water.

while 20 minues pass...nothing happens just layed on the floor and looked around was not over anxious or under anxious...so i sat up to meditate on a clock's minute hand moving. Experience the after image of the clock as a hazy green visual hallucination..quite cool but not spectacular. Trippy...but not mindblowing...(I have a very vivid imagination ) It would only appear when I didn't specifically focus hard. I had to let my vision droop a little so to speak to have it become more pronounced. The hallucination also happened probably because my kitchen light was BEHIND ME therefore making light more shadowy onto the clock in front of me and leaning on the wall half in my shadow. I feel if I was facing towards the light and doing this, it wouldn't have been noticed at all. It was just by chance that I let my eyes get droopy and notice the visual.

That visual hallucination really happened at 9:05, I know cause I was meditating on the clock....lol!

9:10 pm I take 1.50 grams of some more shroom.. bite chew and swallow with cold water

I put on a luke warm bathe and got in for about 20 minutes...as I was in the bath...with just a candle burning I closed my eyes and saw a pink or two pink mushroom looking images coming into focus and drooping down over and over....I thought it was cool. I thought the 2 hemispheres of my brain might be acting in unison or double vision here somehow. The mushrooms really only came to look like a mushroom by two intersecting images of indigo energy pulses (I'd say they were 3 dimension). But they definitely looked like mushrooms. I noted the distinct heads. These images stayed in focus the more I looked down with my eyes closed rather than up.

(Interesting to note...this was the exact orientation of my eyes with the "open eyed" hallucination of the clock (see above) I wonder if this is a trick or key to creating "better hallucinations" or something?

a tip then~
* It is better to just keep your eyes or field of vision looking slightly down or when closed way down when looking for hallucinations.* (just a theory, I wonder if this orientation triggers something in the brain or consciousness?)

These hallucinations demanded attention with my eyes closed. I could see how trying to go to sleep would be a big problem with closed eye hallucinations because they keep demanding the attention the iris and cornea. When we sleep I feel that our eyeballs don't "naturally" look forward like they do when awake. So this type of hallucinations will keep you awake I guess..

9:40 pm I take the remaining 2.25 grams of raw shroom...bite chew and swallow with cold water.

I've been typing through the hole trip since then and other than my ears boxing at 10:17 pm (1 1/2 hours into this) I don't feel anything else.

I will tell you it is 11 pm and the only thing I am walking away from this experience is

1) that i did it
2) that it didn't screw my me up cause of the meds i'm on (well at 5 grams of shrooms anyway) (actually my risperdol "feeling" was present through this)
3) 5 grams wet (2.5 grams dried) did give some hallucinations both open and closed eyed BUT, I had to look for them...they weren't very pronounced and I had to do tricks with my eyes to make them more pronounced.
4) I don't know if I'll do this again because:
a) the shrooms tasted disgusting
b) the hallucinations are only a novelty
c) is it worth having to eat more gross shrooms just to see jedi mind tricks?

I think this was a good beginning for me. I think my little trip is over. I survived it....i still feel a weird shroom aftertaste coming from my saliva and my ears are still very slightly boxed and yes now I am slightly oh very slightly naceous.

If anyone can give me an excellent reason for taking 9.75 grams of raw fresh shrooms to get to a Level 2 trip, or any more for that matter, please let me know. Also please anyone let me know what I could have done better....



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