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My third trip, First was "kissing triangles" and second was "Gypsy Caravan".

My third trip, First was "kissing triangles" and second was "Gypsy Caravan". I don't really know why I'm putting this here but somehow it seems important. Some sense of continuity.

I had just returned from Oregon Country Fair the day before this happened. I discussed my experience with a few of my friends and they asked me if I still had anything left over. I did and we decided to watch alladdin while tripping. I didn't have too much left, and split between three people it was a pretty low key trip. I tore the shrooms up and added them to some garlic hummus to put onto french bread. An excellent way to take it I might add. The hummus covers the taste wonderfully.

We were well into the movie before we noticed anything. I know I myself was fasinated with the background textures in the movie. I kept looking at them, rather than the action. All the jokes were hilarious. AS the night wore on we retired to my front porch so my friends could smoke.

Ciggarette smoke is reallt trippy.

We noticed the clouds in the night sky and watched them for at least 45 minutes. My friend Jes, said that they looked like millions of fairies were pushing the clouds.

I was struck with the image of the clouds covering the whole earth, bringing the cool night and moist air that I so often take for granted.

My friends headed home and I decided to check my e-mail. Not the best move. I couldn't type. At all. I looked at what I had written the next day and it was really funny. SO after trying to type and not having any success, I decide to veg out for a while. I took the S.K. Thoth cd I had bought at the fair and put it in "Cthugha". It's a program you can download for your computer that plays cd's and makes colors and images apear in rythym to the music. It was very nice. C'est Tre Cool! It even changed often enough to keep my attention. All in all, a nice evening.

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