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All on the Same Page

Hi, My name is James and i live in Canada, me and about 5 of my friends about half oz or more of shrooms and went to my friends houe because his parents were gone.

Hi, My name is James and i live in Canada, me and about 5 of my friends about half oz or more of shrooms and went to my friends houe because his parents were gone. we divided the shrooms out and ate about 2nhalf to three grams each.

They started to hit me about 30 minits later, in fact they started to hit all of us about 30 minits later. me and 2 friends went out side and we all kinda walked off in out or direction about 30 feet from eachother and stopped and looked at the sky and stars, the colors were so vibrant and beutiful the trees seemed so amazing and it was as if i was in a movie for a moment. then us 3 friends stood by eachother and had a cigarette. While we were smoking it they both said that my teeth were glowing in the dark and they ran off but i chased after them. we went back into the house giggling and laughing. all of my friends were sitting in the same room listening to "Jesus Dont want to throw a sunbeam." By: Nirvana. I layed down on a bed and my friend had a blind that was down but you could fold up so it had a bunch of creases in it. in this song it has a type of accordion fluit type instrament and the blind was going with the music aand the blind was green, while the blind was doing that there was a big leaf in the middle of that that shot out outlines of vines and flowers all over the room,THAT WAS MY PEEK. BUT the reason i call this trip ALL ON THE SAME PAGE is because me and my friends kept on thinking of the same things and discussing out trip and finishing eachothers sentences. As if we were all having the same trip. We kept on getting into Really DEEP conversations that no one would understand unless you were there.

We then decided to change the scene we were in and went to the basment which we seemed to be so proud of that we were facing a new room. we all sat on the couch and pooped in JAMES and the GIANT PEACH.<-----RECOMEND ON SHROOMS. while we were watching that we all were explaining to eachother what was going on in the movie and gave our self parts in it, as if i were james etc..

We then thought we were all coming down and explored his house some more and getting into funny and deep conversations on the way. We then all went into this room turned off the lights and listened to techno music really lowed<----Recomend aswell. If you think the dark is scary or boring it isnt, you see many things that you would never see, its quite amazing actually, i then realized that techno music actaully talks to you. its music with no words but actually has words for your mind. i had a hole new respect for ravers because i use to listen to techno music kindof as a joke.

AnyWAY i definetly encourage taking Shroomz, the only thing i have to say is make sure that you have ben in a good mood all day and your with people you know and trust.

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