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All confuzled

Last week a friend gave me some mushroom tea.

Last week a friend gave me some mushroom tea. It was the morning after an all-night rave and we were just chilling out in one of the side-rooms of the warehouse. He'd brought some mushrooms with him, and thanks to some fore-thought and a thermos, managed to make some mushroom tea. He took a relatively strong dose, and gave me what he considered an average does and was planning to guide me on my first trip.
Alas, 20 minutes later, before I'd really started to feel anything, the people giving me a lift home decided to leave and so I had to leave my friend and had to have a 45 minute long car journey with people who, although I knew, I didn't know all that well. As we were all tired, the car journey was pretty much silent.
A few more minutes into the journey I started to drift off slightly. I wouldn't realise until i suddenly snapped back to reality and had to work out where I was. This got worse and worse, and by the time I was approaching home I was wondering who and where and even what I was. I snapped myself out of it enough to get in my house, share a few words with my father, and gt to my room. I had know what to expect with the trip, due to alot of interest and reading. At this point I still had a very open mind, and was just waiting for the 'tripping' to start proper. I was feeling quite tired and disorientated so I managed to put some music on my PC and lie on my bed.
Looking at my ceiling I tried to make the paint patterns swirl, and I succeeded to my amusement. I quickly fell asleep though and dozed for about an hour. I'm not sure how well I slept, because I have memories of more confusion. not knowing what the music was, getting confused by myself and where I was. Not being able to comprehend just being me, in a bed, on my own. I licked my lips, but didn't know what that sensation was. After a while I could make out these numbers then suddenly I snapped back to reality and was staring at my clock.
Now about 3 hours into the trip, I got an apple from downstairs. I was feeling a little uncoordinated and wierd, but not hallucinating or anything. I went into my sisters room and started chatting to her, telling her I'd drunk some mushroom tea. She's a couple of years older than me, and had been at the rave but come back earlier. We chatted for a few hours, just listening to the radio and chilling out as I felt more and more normal. I tried to see more 'trippy' effects after a while, but couldn't.
All in all I was a little dissapointed, but know my experience wasn't good because I was alone for too long, and tired and confused. I think if I had been awake and with friends who could help me then I would have had a better time.
I've planned another trip with two very close friends of mine for a couple of weeks time. None of us have done acid, so we're going to try it together. We've all read alot, especaially the trip guide from this site, and are planning to have a really good time. I'll post the report, maybe even with a link to some video clips, since I'll be taking my digital video camera!

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