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the sand is gnarly

it was a cold friday nite, and me and my friend andrew were at my house.

it was a cold friday nite, and me and my friend andrew were at my house. we both had an 1/8th of shrooms and were just waiting for my parents to leave. he had done it once, but had also done cid before so it wasnt a big deal to him, but it was my first time ever doing a hallucinagen. finally they left, soo we got some pizza out of my freezer and cooked it, and put the shroomies on it. then we inhailed the pizza, and were going to this girls house that lives across the street from me, cuz her parents were gone and she was havin people over. well it turns out to be a bust so me and andrew walk to a park that is like a couple minutes from my house walking. so far nothing was happening, but we kept walking. then finally we got to the park, and it started to kick in a lil. my body was shaking, and i felt all giddy. so we sat down on a bench, and just chilled. we talked about how fun it was going to be to trip then all of the sudden i looked up at a tree, and the branch was starting to move towards us. at first i though it was just the wind, but it started to stretch out. my eyes were hooked on it. after probably 20 minutes, we decided to continue walking. we walked through the oark. the images were amaizing us, then we saw a play ground area. so we climbed up into it and sat down. i looked at the monkey bars and they started to bend back and fourth, like sorta zig zag. it was weird. then when i looked down at the sand it looked as if we were 100 feet in the air. i started to get scared, cuz i dont like heights but all of the sudden i blinked and it was back to its normal height, but the sand looked like whirpools.i looked at my watch and it had been about 2 hours soo we decided to find somewhere else to go. then we saw 2 of my friends riding down the street, and they were completely drunk off their asses. so we decided to go to our friend house cuz his parents werent home. we got there and he had a big poster of albert einstein in his room. then it seemed to pop his head out of the wall and his eyes would follow me wherever i moved to. then all of the sudden i saw em blink and that part kinda freaked me out so i quit lookin at it. then we watched tv and my trip slowly wore off. it was really fun, and i plan on doing it again soon.

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