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A trip to heaven.

So, I was really scared to do shrooms actually.

So, I was really scared to do shrooms actually. I had work the next day and I thought it was going to eat my brain away so I did all this research on it and was sure to bring lots of water and orange juice. After work, around 11:30 p.m two friends and I went to the beach. We ate the shrooms on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean. We bought them pre-made. They were kind of reese's pieces, but all hard chocolate. They tasted horrible and it took me forever to eat it. Finally, I finished...and we walked down the boardwalk...then we decided to go sit on a lifeguard chair on a hill of sand. About 20 minutes went by and we decided to get off the chair. It was then, when I got up, that it hit me. I felt this rush and I could not walk. I could have stayed standing, but all I wanted to do was fall and roll down the hill. I felt like a child. Usually I am very conscious and aware of everything and my bag and my cell phone, but I was just rolling on top of them and laughing so hard. I didn't want to get up. Nothing I was doing was controlled and I had this ugly high pitch laugh that I couldn't control. Then me and my friends all felt so nauseous like we had to throw up. We were so nauseous that it was uncomfortable so we gagged until we did throw up and we thought that it was the funniest thing ever. Then we left the beach area and started walking around the town. It was then when the trip started kicking in. I remember feeling so happy. Everything made sense in my mind and I kept on repeating, "all we are is our mind heart soul and our body is our portal and everyone is the same and we are all beautiful people" I felt like this was something that my subconscious had been wanting to deal with. I felt like a philosopher and the most smart person in the world. I saw people looking at me strangely and I accepted it and accepted myself for what I was thinking and the way I was thinking and just said hello to people that I didn't even know because I felt "one" with the world and like I had a part in it. We actually saw a woman in a tree. She looked sad and we all put our hands on the tree and started talking to her. I remember thinking about how long this tree had been around and how a dinosaur might have leaned up against it billions of years ago and that made me feel content. I started thinking about my friends and my family and how much I loved them and how we are all lost souls and we are all so alone but so much together and in the same boat as we ride. I remember saying, "everything just makes so much sense, everything makes so much sense!!" and it's funny because I always try to be very logical about everything and even in my trip I was saying to myself, "why am I thinking about this? oh, it's because I am taking a trip throughout my brain, hey guys! thats what a trip means! A trip through your brain!!!" Everything that I was realizing and coming to terms with was making me so happy and comfortable and I didn't want to leave this realm that I was in. I kept on saying, "I'm in heaven or something" I honestly had the best time I've had in my whole life. The way I was feeling and thinking was just so incredible and right on target that it changed me forever. My body felt numb the whole time. I felt like I was naked, and I was just rubbing my body with my hands and everything felt Soogood! my tongue inside my mouth felt SO good and my nose felt SO good and I was able to shout my name outloud and be proud of myself and confident for being who I am because you are, your mind and your experience and you have to be proud of that because it is what makes up who you are.
And afterwards, I didn't want to eat a thing. It really made me full...but the next day all I ate was tons and tons of bread. I felt fully energized after I had some rest and I can't wait to do it again!

ohand p.s --we saw jesus's face in the mona lisa through thewindow of a gallery. and we came to the conclusion that what is so special about the mona lisa is that, "she see's the truth and she represents humanity"

I also saw a boar in the tree.

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