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A Simple and Fun Trip

The day started out simple enough.

The day started out simple enough... I had planned to go to my dad's on the weekend and my friend was going come along and bring some Mushrooms he had gotten from a friend. I left my house at about 4:00 with my dad whom picked me up; we then proceeded to K's house to pick him up and then went shopping. We picked up some food and headed to my dad's apartment. My father rolled us two joints while we were setting up in my room (We hooked up whatever video game systems we might be playing and K showed me the shrooms.)Afterwards, K and I went to smoke with my dad and uncle, and discuss what we were going to do tonight. We all had a look at the shrooms and concluded that only some of them were actually any good (The blue shaded ones.) The others were old and would not have any effect, we thought. Anyways, we wound up with four grams (Or so we thought) in total of usable Mushrooms but even though we were ready for the experience, we decided to wait. It was still light out and we wanted to trip during the night, for whatever reason. After I ate some ribs (My friend did not partake in dinner), we started to eat the shrooms.

K had one whole shroom that came in at about two grams and I had one that was in smaller pieces which we also thought was two grams, but really, it was only one… However, we did not realize this at the time. We went out into the living room with my dad and uncle to start watching the movie Orgasmo. We were both excited about what was going to happen on our first trip! K wanted to possibly write some stuff during the trip in hopes of maybe writing something profound or interesting, perhaps drawing something cool… we didn’t get to that. I had already planned what I was going to do; I was going to sit back and go wherever the shrooms take me. Listen to music… whatever. Which we did soon, because after about a half hour into the movie (Which we ordinarily get right into) we felt the effects kick in and wanted to head off to my room. I noticed that the screen of the television kept zooming in at me, as if my eyes were the lens of a camera and I was zooming in on the background behind the TV. That and my friend, I noticed, was laughing quite hard at the dildo on Choda Boys’ head.

We both left the living room and went to my room to smoke but I then mentioned that we should just let the shrooms do their work and maybe soon later we can smoke; he agreed. My legs were very noodly and it was difficult to stand up straight but I managed, as K and I stood in the dark, looking in the mirror, checking out each others faces, oddly enough, to see if they were warping. They were… but my friend was obviously tripping harder then I was considering that he kept on about colors and such. I saw no such things during the trip, as the amount I ate, I assume, would only bring on the mental effects of the Mushrooms and not the visual aspect as much. We both kept going on about people in the closet, which did not freak either of us laugh or anything, as we found the idea quite funny. We then put on some Pink Floyd to set the mood… we did not really pay attention though, because during the album we did nothing but talk about what we were feeling. And funny thing is, we got nowhere… we kept going in circles and as the album finished we were extremely confused. We then played some Tekken 5 on the PS2 after going out to measure some more pot, it was hilarious… seeing my friend stumbling around, trying to get the pot into the baggy in which we used to weigh. Everyone was laughing at this, and my dad mentioned that were so fucked up and we did not even know it.

After smoking some more in the back, we put on some Aphex Twin in my room and that is when tings started getting weird (Even though we were both running out of steam and the shrooms starting to fade.) We were lying down, listening to the music, and we kept putting each song into a different scenario. One scenario was during the third track, which rather sounded like a tune that would play in a casket… underneath the Earth… with someone resting inside it for eternity. I then shuddered at the thought that someone could hear this in their mind (Even if they are dead) all the time. My friends face then appropriately took on the shape of a demon. It did not scare me though, as I was too relaxed to worry about it. K went to the washroom soon after that track to take a shit… as I lay peacefully listening to the music. He came out looking spooked, as he insisted that for the half hour he was in there, the room was a deep purple and very large in comparison to him. Like he was in a hangar or something… I laughed and told him “Sorry, man… would you have rather me come in with you”? We were not really tripping anymore and we were both tired. He went to sleep and I attempted to do the same… but could not. So I stood up and watched TV for the rest of the night, contemplating what exactly happened between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM. But one thing I was sure of… is that is a blast, even if I did not see much, which was what I was expecting.

Maybe if I would have eaten the amount he had, we would have been on the same level, and I would have got what I was expecting. But it was still fun and it was only my first trip. There shall be more to come…

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