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a scarry trip....odd


Well...i found some cubies and took about alittle less than a gram. i wanted to make sure they were good for i wasnt 100% sure they were cubes. It was around 11pm that i took them and i was sitting on my computer playing counter-strike. I was by myself and i have read that taking shrooms by yourself can be a drag...and it was. Around 11:30 i started to feel em. I was still playing cs and then all of the sudden i felt really lonley and scarred. So i got up off my chair and tried to go to bed. But i coudnt. I felt that my bed was 10 times to large for me and i was about 2 feet in length. I felt really scarred and uncomfortable. So i went and layed down with my brother... i felt that i need to be close to someone. The way i felt when i tried to go to bed was very odd. It brought back memories of this dream i always used to have when i was about 3-5 years old. The dream was soo scarry but i dont know what the dream ever was. and i still dont to this day. I would always wake up crying, but still in my dream state..walking around the place. And thats kinda what i felt like when i took the cubies...that i was in a dream state. But i layed in bed for about an hour and fell asleep. It was a very weird trip...if it was ever one. DONT TAKE SHROOMS SOLO....ITS VERY LONLEY.

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